Product love! My favorite wallets


One of the best things you can do to keep your purse organized is to have a smaller wallet. My current favorite wallet is this Xhilaration brand wallet that was actually given to me as a birthday gift in September by my aunt. She gave me the light blue one with the peace sign and the black one with the owl, to my mother. I’ve since purchase another with no design but an extra zip pocket on the outside and traded it to my mom for the black owl one. These can carry up to six cards with an additional pocket for receipts and a few other cards. They also have a zip pocket on the inside for coins. An extra bonus for me is that they’re big enough to hold my phone. So if I’m going on a quick errand or I don’t want to carry my purse. I can just grab this and go. I love these things so much that I need to stock up on them while I can and these seem to be the only kind that I really love. So if you’re looking for some stocking stuffers or holiday gifts, consider these for sure!


My New Makeup Area


How long do you take to get ready? As you may or may not know, I work two different retail jobs and I don’t necessarily have the most regular hours, the earliest I start is around 9 in the morning and the latest is around 6 in the evening, that could also be changing with the holidays coming around I may be working round the clock. I kind of like the frequent change, it keeps me on my toes. As a result of my ever changing schedule I am developing a routine for getting ready for work, I’m still trying to get it right but here’s how I get ready:

•I always try to wake up 2 hours before I have to be at work- factoring in where I am working (30 mins travel time for one job and 15 minutes travel time for the other)
•Half an hour to shower/brush my teeth/eat a meal
•Half an hour to apply face products and foundation
•Half an hour to do my other eye makeup & get dressed
•Half an hour to play with Jack, chase the cats and get to work

Of course that’s what I try to do everyday and in order to help keep some order in my routine I re-arranged my room so I could keep my makeup organized on 1/3 of my large desk. All my makeup is sorted out and I just put everything in front of me on a folded up paper towel. Then as I finish with it, I try to put it away so the mess doesn’t add up. The paper towel is also very useful for cleaning off my brushes as I finish with them. So far, it’s been great, the only thing I have to maybe work on is adjusting the lighting I use or perhaps getting a better mirror.


Old Navy done!


Yay for Old Navy deals! I got the lovely tote bag as part of Old Navy’s Stuff and Save event going on this week and I also got 40% off my purchases since I used my Old Navy card. I bought a grey peacoat that my little brother wanted and I got a few things for myself (6 shirts and 1 tank). I ended up giving my mom the bag and half the shirts. I paid $75, the coat itself is normally $69, so I got a great deal, I may just go back to peruse the clearance since I was kind of in a hurry today. And I had to wait in a long line. FYI, if you are interested the Stuff & Save event is still going on until 10/24, with card members getting 30% off.


Jumbo Pencils & Bead Cases


I know I mentioned these in one of my posts but I guess I wanted to elaborate on them just a bit and do a full review. Also, I wanted to share a little tip.

I ordered these jumbo pencils mainly because I couldn’t find the LA Colors ones at the Dollar Tree here and I didn’t want to pay $5 per pencil for the Nyx variety. If only elf had them! So instead I purchased this cheap set at Amazon for like $16 for a set of 12 ( I forgot 1 in the photos!), which is roughly $1.40 per pencil. I may still get some of the more unique LA Colors pencils from Cherry Culture since I’m not visiting more Dollar Trees. I’m pretty satisfied with these, especially since I’m mainly using them as bases for powder and such. I’ve only used them a few times but the colors really come through and they’re great for blending. I heard the biggest complaints in the review for these is that they don’t sharpen well but I haven’t had to do that yet anyways.
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Brushes again!


A few months ago I realized that I was starting to develop redness all around my face, at first it would only show with extreme weather but gradually it just stayed on my face all the time. So I had to do something about it, which meant I actually had to start using foundation. I’ve never had to worry about my face ever. Through my teenage years until a few months ago I had clear skin, with a few pimples every now and then since I do have oily skin. I tried a few different types of foundation and eventually settled on Bare Escentuals and Everyday Minerals because I could build up the coverage without the cakey feeling of liquid foundations. As I was exploring the world of foundations I also realized that having the right brushes could also make a huge difference. For instance I bought a BE kit from Sephora which came with 3 brushes but I actually don’t use those brushes to apply my foundation. I found that I get the best coverage using a flat powder brush from elf. The BE brushes I use for applying blush or mineral veil. If I’m not using my Tarte face brush which is a whole lot softer. I like using synthetic bristle brushes as opposed to animal hair brushes, they seem to last longer and if you buy a good brand they’re softer and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Not all BE brushes irritate me, I do own a antibacterial synthetic brush which came with my Redness Remedy, that is an excellent brush!

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Brush Cleaning & Weird Makeup Habits


I cleaned my makeup brushes tonight and I know a lot of people who actually don’t bother to clean their brushes. It’s kind of silly really, I mean they touch your face, wouldn’t you want it to be clean? I clean my makeup brushes about once a month since I don’t use them everyday, but if you do, I would recommend cleaning them every two weeks. It sounds like it takes time which is the complaint I get from my friends but you’ll get a lot more use out of them and it’ll save you from having to buy new brushes constantly. Here’s what I do:
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Scarves Arrived!


Last week I posted about the scarves I was ordering at 4 am? Well they finally arrived in the mail and I love them! I bought 2 scarves, one in a fall plaid pattern with fringe and another that was a ‘viscose’ type with purple zebra print. They were both better than I expected but I love the plaid fringe one, its definitely perfect for fall and doesn’t fall into the traditional fall color scheme so I think this may even be perfect for year round. The zebra print is also nice but I might actually give that one away since I’m not that keen on it, even though I love purple.