3 Years, 2 months, 20 days later…

Hello again. It’s alive! It’s been about 1177 days since my last post and how much has changed since then? Well, if I’m correct, that was about 2 months before I finally quit my job at Ikea and began working again for my old company. This is the same company which I quit to work at Ikea.

Around August, I was contacted by someone from that company and asked if i was still interested in working for them as they seem to have had the wrong phone number for me. At the time, I was already contemplating leaving Ikea but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do so of course I said yes, I’m interested. I ended up being offered the job with more hours and more pay. I accepted and gave my notice to Ikea. Unfortunately I had a two week overlap where I was working both jobs before settling into my schedule at my new job. Which was actually a good thing because I had to pay off my work purchases that I made while employed at Ikea.

Now I’m still working for the same company but amazingly, I’m working from home! Yes, the company who hired me, eventually began to send their workers home to save up work space. I guess it was more cost effective to send workers home and have them work there than to rent the space to have them work there. So for the past 2 years I’ve been working from home. I’ve changed departments, changed schedules a few times but yes, I’m still with the same company. I’ve decided that I have missed my website and so it’s back!

I do have another blog and gradually I will be adding more things here and updating all the links and whatnot. Well, see you in another few years…just kidding, maybe a few days!


Influencer VoxBox: Palmolive Fresh Infusions


I just received a new box today from Influenster, and I didn’t even realize I had qualified for it. In this box I got 3 full sized (16 fl oz) bottles of dish liquid. They come in 3 scents: Ginger White Tea, Lemon Thyme and Lime Basil. There were also suppose to be 5 coupon for $1.50 off but I think someone pulled some of them out of the box during shopping. I haven’t done dishes yet tonight and this is a nice little surprise. The dish soap we use most in our house is a different brand right now. Hint: it’s the brand which has the commercials with the baby animals covered in oil, being cleaned up with this product.

So far, I’m liking this new line. I love the packaging, it’s not the traditional dish soap packaging and its pretty sturdy. My one qualm is that it may not be so easy to handle while you’re washing dishes and your hands are wet. I could easily see this slipping out of my hands. Perhaps having some notches or changing the shape of the bottle slightly will help with that. Or even adding some texture to the sides of the bottle will help.

As for the scents themselves- I love the lime basil. It’s different yet still smells clean without being too overly fragranced. I’ve been seeing that a lot of brands are branching out to more fruity smells and while that’s acceptable , citrus scents are still my favorite. Most orange smelling cleaners including dish soaps are too strong in my opinion, so going with the essential lemon and lime were great choices. The White Ginger Tea was my least favorite scent but at least it wasn’t a strong scent. It was very subtle.


Sometimes, patience does pay off!


Have you ever been browsing through a store, trying samples of this and that? Well every time I go to the Base Exchange with my mom, I always spritz a bit of Victoria’s Secret Angel, it always seems to floral and pretty. I always tell myself that I’m gonna order it online from VS as soon as I get home. When I do get home I look at the price ($45!) and decide not to do it. I was actually looking at my VS coupon book and thinking of ordering it in December because that’s when their coupon is valid. Well, someone must have heard my wish because the Victoria’s Secret fragrances are now on sale for $30! Both the 1.0 oz and the 2.5 oz are the same price! Then I also have a $20 rewards card, so with shipping and tax then minus my gift card- I paid only $20!

I also got a secret rewards card but that usually only gives me $10, always has and probably always will, I may just use it for perfume in December but this totally made my day!


iPhone Beloved- a story of love, co-dependence & obsessive clicking…


Isn’t it crazy how dependent we are on our cell phones now? You can’t even call them cell phones, they’re smart phones. Even when my phone is charging in the other room and I’m just watching tv, I wonder about something and immediately get my iPhone so I can ask Siri or do a google search. This blog would not be around if it wasn’t for my ability to take photos, edit, and then post from my iPhone. I never have any reason to turn on my desktop, unless I need to transfer music to my iPod. My brother wrote a whole book (95,000 words) on his iPad and I edited that same book using my phone. The manuscript was never viewed using a desktop computer until I actually put together the manuscript.

According to my settings I have about 169 apps on my phone, most of those I probably don’t need- but want on my phone. I pretend of course that I have them organized, mostly because having the apps in folders makes me feel like they’re actually useful. Don’t get me wrong they totally are, but I have 5 camera apps not including the one that came with the phone. I do only have 2 pages of folders, the first one consisting of my apps that are for regular use and then the second page is for games.

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Groupon Goods- Redfoot Boots


So Groupon releases new Groupon Goods every few days and I just saw these boots, they’re linked but I didn’t want to steal a photo. I grabbed a screenshot of my app though and they look so neat! They’re basically sheep skin boots that have a detachable zip top, so it’s like getting 4 types of boots in 1. Five even since you can zip the top with the fur side out too. How cool are those? I’m not buying them of course I’ve already purchased all my boots for the upcoming cold weather, so I really don’t have the $79 to spare for another pair of boots. Cool idea though if you don’t wanna shell out $150+ for Uggs.


Goodbye Philanthroper!

If you follow my twitter feed or my timeline on Facebook, you’ll see I’m a huge fan of Philanthroper, it’s a company that selects a different cause everyday that you can donate anywhere from $1 to $10 everyday. It’s like Groupon, Living Social or any of those deal sites except that you donate the money instead of buy stuff with it. There are so many causes that are worthwhile and this was a great way to help many different charities in small but eventually significant amounts. I was particularly fond of the causes for people with disabilities, getting people back to work, or animals- always with the animals. They announced this week that they were unable to find a buyer for the company and would now have to shut down. I know they’ve been looking for a buyer for awhile now and I had always wondered whether they’d be able to do it. Unfortunately, this is the end but I hope the founder and the staff can perhaps someday revive the site or concept, or perhaps someone would do something similar. If anyone knows a site that is like Philanthroper, I’d love to see it!

Thanks to everyone at Philanthroper who introduced me to new charities which I had no idea existed. Good luck to everyone there!