3 Years, 2 months, 20 days later…

Hello again. It’s alive! It’s been about 1177 days since my last post and how much has changed since then? Well, if I’m correct, that was about 2 months before I finally quit my job at Ikea and began working again for my old company. This is the same company which I quit to work at Ikea.

Around August, I was contacted by someone from that company and asked if i was still interested in working for them as they seem to have had the wrong phone number for me. At the time, I was already contemplating leaving Ikea but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do so of course I said yes, I’m interested. I ended up being offered the job with more hours and more pay. I accepted and gave my notice to Ikea. Unfortunately I had a two week overlap where I was working both jobs before settling into my schedule at my new job. Which was actually a good thing because I had to pay off my work purchases that I made while employed at Ikea.

Now I’m still working for the same company but amazingly, I’m working from home! Yes, the company who hired me, eventually began to send their workers home to save up work space. I guess it was more cost effective to send workers home and have them work there than to rent the space to have them work there. So for the past 2 years I’ve been working from home. I’ve changed departments, changed schedules a few times but yes, I’m still with the same company. I’ve decided that I have missed my website and so it’s back!

I do have another blog and gradually I will be adding more things here and updating all the links and whatnot. Well, see you in another few years…just kidding, maybe a few days!


It’s raining, it’s pouring…


There’s some big storms hitting my area of the world and its making it really feel like winter. We don’t get snow here, we just get rain. And fog. Oh and floods. I’m suppose to work a full shift tomorrow at my first job, and that’s when the worst weather is suppose to hit. I’m looking for rain boots now everywhere and since I’ve been blessed with huge calves, none of those cute Wellies work for me unless I buy the more expensive wide calf ones for like $80. I’m pretty maxed out on my boot budget but since I hate getting my feet wet, I’m trying to justify buying another pair of boots.


Leave me alone, I wanna sleep!


Hello Black Friday! Today just might be a 3 or 4 cups of coffee/Pepsi day. I’m to blame for most of it of course- I agreed to work an extended shift at my first job so instead of working from 1:30 to 5:30 I’m now working from 9:45 to 5:45, then I’m heading to my second job to work from 6:15 to 3:00 am. I think. I’m not 100% sure what time my shift ends. I’m not even sure what shift I’m working on Saturday besides my noon to 4 at the first job. I haven’t actually been to my second job this whole week so my paycheck is bound to suck. At least I’ve already got my schedule for next week and its not too bad! I don’t even have to trade shifts or anything! I’ll let you know if I survive this day!


Thanks what? Happy Gray Thursday!


I’m not even going to mention the holiday that wasn’t for me this year. Basically my plans were ruined by work since my family is not local. So my parents left around noon, which is when I got out of bed. I was texting my friend who works at my second job with me and she mentioned that she was sent home since it was so slow! I hadn’t heard otherwise from work so I lazied about the house and then got ready for work. An hour before I was to show up- my phone rings and its work. They cancelled my shift. So basically my family was all gathered together and I was at home- an hour and a half away and they cancel my only reason for not being able to make it. To say I was pissed, was a gross understatement.


Guess catnaps it will be!


I still have not gotten my schedule fixed from my other job and it seems Black Friday/Saturday is gonna be hellish. Here’s what my schedule looks like:

Friday 11/23
1:30pm-5:30pm: work at 1st Job
5:00pm-2:00am: work at 2nd Job (this is after the ‘adjustment’ it obviously needs to be fixed, originally this was a 6pm-3:30am shift)
5.5 Hours off! Minus 30 minutes each to and from work, minus an hour to shower & get ready for work=3.5 to nap & eat!
Saturday 11/24
6:30am-11:00am: work at 2nd Job
Noon-4:00pm: work at 1st Job

So obviously Friday needs to fixed because I can’t start work at 5:00 when I’m working until 5:30 at my first job. It’ll be interesting to see what my schedule for next week will be, judging by this week schedule, they’ll double book me at least twice next week too. I doubt I’ll even nap in between the time I leave Saturday morning to the time I come back. I’m not one of those people who can just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. This is just insane.

UPDATE: I finally called and made sure my Tuesday shift was covered and so now I think I just have to worry about my Friday/Saturday shifts, I won’t bother with them until I come in on Thursday- Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving? What’s that?


This might totally reveal where one of my jobs is but I’m not going to outright say it. I got my schedule for my work next week and to say it’s a little jacked up, is putting it lightly. I probably wasn’t paying that much attention because I didn’t need more hours at this job, but I was under the impression that I would be able to spend the day with my family on Thanksgiving- you know the holiday you’re suppose to spend with your family before the insanity of Black Friday and Christmas kick in. I was not expecting to be working from 5-9, one of my mandatory holiday shifts. This year we were suppose to go to San Ramon and we were all finally going to be together for Thanksgiving but alas I am going to be missing it because of work. In case you didn’t know where that is- San Ramon is about an hour and a half from where I live. Even if we ate our meal at 2 pm I’d still have to leave right after to make it home in time to start at 5. So I won’t ruin everyone else’s day I’m just not going, I want my family to have a good holiday and not rush through dinner and then driving home.

To add insult to injury I was also scheduled to work on Black Friday from 6pm to 3:30 am, then from 6:30 am to 11:30 am followed by a shift at my other job from noon to 4:30 pm. That’s not going to work. So I brought it up at work and luckily they found it unusual as well and will fix this. As well as my double booking on Tuesday. Oy, what a headache!

The fact that its not a known fact that the store will be open just annoys me. All this hoopla about Target opening at 8 and no mention of our store which has normal hours on Thanksgiving and then closes for 4 hours to reopen at midnight and will stay open for the next 24 hours!


My New Makeup Area


How long do you take to get ready? As you may or may not know, I work two different retail jobs and I don’t necessarily have the most regular hours, the earliest I start is around 9 in the morning and the latest is around 6 in the evening, that could also be changing with the holidays coming around I may be working round the clock. I kind of like the frequent change, it keeps me on my toes. As a result of my ever changing schedule I am developing a routine for getting ready for work, I’m still trying to get it right but here’s how I get ready:

•I always try to wake up 2 hours before I have to be at work- factoring in where I am working (30 mins travel time for one job and 15 minutes travel time for the other)
•Half an hour to shower/brush my teeth/eat a meal
•Half an hour to apply face products and foundation
•Half an hour to do my other eye makeup & get dressed
•Half an hour to play with Jack, chase the cats and get to work

Of course that’s what I try to do everyday and in order to help keep some order in my routine I re-arranged my room so I could keep my makeup organized on 1/3 of my large desk. All my makeup is sorted out and I just put everything in front of me on a folded up paper towel. Then as I finish with it, I try to put it away so the mess doesn’t add up. The paper towel is also very useful for cleaning off my brushes as I finish with them. So far, it’s been great, the only thing I have to maybe work on is adjusting the lighting I use or perhaps getting a better mirror.


The longest day evar…


So as you may know or not, I had training today for my second job. I guess it’s my main part time job now and my other job is what I consider my second job. I woke up, got ready and showed up early, then ten minutes before it was suppose to start I realized I forgot my folder of paperwork so I had to call my dad to bring it to me. Gah! It’s been my longest work day so far at 8 hours, well 8 hours sitting in a room training is really hard, and different than 8 hours working on the sales floor. I have to say I thought my last job was pretty organized and structured but this new place is even more so. At my last job I did a few hours of training compared to almost 2 weeks at the new place. I’m impressed.