Yay new stuff!


Today was my day off and I went shopping! My mom and I needed to do a little grocery shopping so we went to the commissary and the base exchange. Before we went she checked the mail and I got a nice little surprise from Influenster! I got my Cosmo Voxbox and I’ll go more into detail about those tomorrow!

So at the BX I found some discounted concealer, which is a great way to sample products you’re on the fence about, I bought one from Almay and another from Revlon. My main reason for going on this trip however was to look for the holiday makeup sets that come out around this time. I know Estée Lauder has one for $58 but that’s with purchase, and Clinique has one as well. But the set I purchased was the one from Elizabeth Arden, it comes with a cute case and a ton of makeup for $39! It’s called the Day to Night Holiday Color Collection. I’ll do a separate post on it as well. At the BX I also picked up some Goody Spin Pins, and then grabbed some of my favorite makeup remover cloths from Simple at the Commissary. Overall a very satisfying if not necessarily productive (I still have tons of laundry to do!) day off.


Thanks what? Happy Gray Thursday!


I’m not even going to mention the holiday that wasn’t for me this year. Basically my plans were ruined by work since my family is not local. So my parents left around noon, which is when I got out of bed. I was texting my friend who works at my second job with me and she mentioned that she was sent home since it was so slow! I hadn’t heard otherwise from work so I lazied about the house and then got ready for work. An hour before I was to show up- my phone rings and its work. They cancelled my shift. So basically my family was all gathered together and I was at home- an hour and a half away and they cancel my only reason for not being able to make it. To say I was pissed, was a gross understatement.


Twilight is Over! Plus Cashmere Glow & Truck Stop Diners


Happy Birthday Dad! So it was my dad’s birthday and so what did we do? Well mom and I went to see Breaking Dawn part 2. I’m so sad the series is over but I’m happy with how it ended. The twist at the end was pretty funny.

Then afterwards we stopped in at Bath & Body Works to check out this new fragrance they’ve been emailing me about. I thought it was kind of meh, and their VIP bag? Meh as well. I mean you have to spend $40 and then you get to pay $20 more for a tote bag with stuff. It’s a good deal for $20 but still you’re actually having to pay $60 for it all. If you’re catching up with their scents or getting a ton of stuff they say you can combine their $10 off $30 coupon and the buy one get one free coupon I think. That’s a lot of freaking body sprays, lotions, and other smelly things. If that’s all you’re giving away for Christmas or you’re stocking up- that’s great but if you’re like me and already have one of everything, it’s kind of a waste. Perhaps maybe they should rethink this deal and allow you to choose the products to put into your bag, that’d be a better option for me. Just saying.

I did pick up a set using the buy one, get one free coupon. I chose Cashmere Glow and this is how they describe it on their site:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Golden Peach, Pink Guava, Exotic Berries, Gilded Apricot
Mid Notes: Glowing Muguet Petals, Mimosa, Fluffy Peony, Fresh Jasmine
Dry Notes: Shimmering Vanilla, Dulce De Leche, Sandalwood, Cashmere Musk
Aloe conditions and nourishes skin

Call me simple but wtf is a Gilded Apricot??

From that description I never would have chosen it since I tend to pick more floral fragrances like Moonlit Path but this has a light floral scent with a hint of sweet fruitiness. I don’t really even like to eat a lot of fruit much less wear it, but this was great.

So after the movie and shopping we headed home to pick up my brother and dad so we could go out to dinner. We chose to go to one of my favorite places- the truck stop! Yes, I love the truck stop diner, it’s called the Silver Skillet and its open 24 Hours, great for a family like mine that seems to be up all hours of the night. They have a lot of comfort food, awesome breakfast platters and the service is friendly. We all had steaks, except for mom who had the roast beef, I think it was too much for me and I almost wish I had opted for the pasta. Maybe next time. I think it was all a little too much for us because we came home with like 4 containers of left overs. It was yummy as usual!

After dinner we had to stop by the store to pick up some stuff my parents would bring to Thanksgiving dinner, so we stopped by Target and I ended up buying a planner for next year. I’m sure I’ll get tons of use out of it, considering how crazy my schedule has gotten but I can’t use it right away so that’s a boo!


When life hands you lemons…


…take a photo and post it on Facebook. Well, actually when life hands you anything you let everyone know on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. It’s the norm now sadly, but I digress alot.

The Pygmy lemon tree in our backyard exploded with lemons last week. I had no clue it could have so many fruits. Maybe the sudden cold suddenly caused the lemons to be ready. Who knows, either way we now have a ton of lemons that we don’t have to buy at the store now, yay!


Old Navy again!


The Old Navy stuff & save is in its final 2 days and so I decided to grab a few more things. Last week I bought a peacoat for my brother and he wore it to Berkeley when we visited my grandmother, she loved the coat and asked me to find her one so I did, I bought her almost the same coat in women’s, hopefully it fits but she can always exchange it. I also went through the clearance and picked up a few shirts. I may just get some plain thermals since they have them in all sorts of new colors. Tomorrow is the last day of the 30% off sale, so go take advantage while you can!


A Day with the family & 2 Jobs!


So today is a day off and I was suppose to go to this appointment at 10 but I cancelled last night. I had to take a typing test at this temp staffing place and they were impressing by my speed (I really wasn’t, honestly I can type faster than 59 WPM), they wanted to interview me so they could place me, but I actually got an offer last night. So I cancelled my appointment but who knows, if I’m not liking my two jobs I might just need that appointment. I’m looking forward to the new job though, the pros and cons are way different than the other job. I’m not telling where my jobs are, not even giving clues lol.

Back to the stuff I was suppose to talking about though. So my family and I went to brunch at Thunder Valley Casino and then afterwards I convinced my dad to stop off at the Dollar Tree in Rocklin where I picked up a few things from the LA Colors line- a pressed powder and 3 palettes, an elf cream shadows duo and some makeup remover pads. We went home and then a few hours later mom and I went out to Seafood City but I made a quick pit stop at Ulta to pick up a Bare Minerals kit that was available again. I know I’m totally doing it backwards since this is a mini starter kit but it was a good deal for $20, I also picked up 2 Nyx jumbo pencils which were on sale for $3.57 each. I know, I said I didn’t wanna get them but I couldn’t resist a good deal, they are normally $4.99!


Back from Berkeley!


I love going to Berkeley to visit my family, it’s always like a mini vacation. Especially when the heat is unbearable at my house. I almost never come back empty handed either. I bring stuff too of course, sometimes it’s the usual stuff- gifts for my aunts or things we’ve bought for them. This time I brought coupon books from work, a scarf and some cooking oil. Random things I tell you. In return I got my gift bag from my aunt who recently got married (the wedding I couldn’t go to), a notebook from my aunt and a purse- loaned to me from my other aunt. Oh and some fruit but that was for my dad. In my little gift bag was a pretty blue pashmina, a pair of sunglasses and a cute wallet with a gift card. Love the pashmina, it’s so nice and soft, the color is great too. The sunglasses are awesome- I’m apparently collecting sunglasses at the moment, I have 3 in my purse right now. The wallet was cute and I always need more of those. I’m making attempts at simplifying what I carry in my wallet. It’s not working but maybe this will help. Oh and the gift card was for Old Navy so yay!