iPhone Beloved- a story of love, co-dependence & obsessive clicking…


Isn’t it crazy how dependent we are on our cell phones now? You can’t even call them cell phones, they’re smart phones. Even when my phone is charging in the other room and I’m just watching tv, I wonder about something and immediately get my iPhone so I can ask Siri or do a google search. This blog would not be around if it wasn’t for my ability to take photos, edit, and then post from my iPhone. I never have any reason to turn on my desktop, unless I need to transfer music to my iPod. My brother wrote a whole book (95,000 words) on his iPad and I edited that same book using my phone. The manuscript was never viewed using a desktop computer until I actually put together the manuscript.

According to my settings I have about 169 apps on my phone, most of those I probably don’t need- but want on my phone. I pretend of course that I have them organized, mostly because having the apps in folders makes me feel like they’re actually useful. Don’t get me wrong they totally are, but I have 5 camera apps not including the one that came with the phone. I do only have 2 pages of folders, the first one consisting of my apps that are for regular use and then the second page is for games.

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