Ulta part 2


If you’ve never been to Ulta, you’re definitely missing out my friend. While I love Sephora, going to the mall can be pretty aggravating and I hate waiting for things in the mail so I only go to Sephora every few months but I go to Ulta a lot. To tell you a bit about Ulta it’s basically a makeup store with a salon and it carries high end plus drug store products. They also have their own brand of makeup they sell and it’s a great way to fill out your makeup collection and experiment with colors without blowing your budget. I could probably spend hours in this store and everyone that works there is so helpful and knowledgable on the products. I seriously wanna find out what the employee discount is here so maybe I can apply for a job there lol.

So along with their makeup they always come out with value kits that range from $15 to $25, and I’ve bought their kits before but it was kind of a waste since I went through phases where I didn’t even wear makeup on a daily basis. But now since I am wearing makeup almost everyday I feel better about getting their new kit and boy it’s a great deal! I purchased this kit for $19.99 and it comes with 48 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 6 creme shadows, 12 lip colors, 2 eye pencils, 2 mini lip glosses and applicators. Sorry for the glare on some of the photos, the names of the shades are actually on the plastic cover and I wanted to show those. Another great thing about this case is that it can double as a jewelry case when/if you finish the makeup. These kits are available in plum or orange and have a great amount of product to use. I can’t wait to try out the eyeshadows and the mini glosses are probably going to go straight into my makeup bag. I absolutely love the variety of shades since I probably won’t be just using these for the fall/winter season. There are a number of brighter colors perfect for spring and summer as well. The top tray has a number of neutral colors and darker colors that will be perfect for the current season. While I probably won’t be using the included applicators, it’s nice that they’re included. Get yours now in stores or online at Ulta


Ulta part 1

I saw the flyer this past weekend from Ulta and decided to stop in after work this morning. I was really there to get the new $20 Ulta value set and take advantage of the Buy 2, get 2 free deal. Tomorrow I’ll go more in depth on the value kit but tonight’s post is about the other little kit I bought instead of the buy 2, get 2 free deal. I was going to purchase 4 new lip or eye pencils but they were $8 each and so I figured I’d get 4 for $16, which isn’t really that great of a deal. For the same price I found this holiday kit for $15 which included 5 jumbo pencils and 2 lip glosses. I know, I know, I have totally been going overboard with the jumbo pencils but I honestly love these things and I couldn’t find them elsewhere at Ulta. The normal eye pencils at Ulta- the thinner ones with the sponge tip on the end- they seem less creamy and don’t roll on as smoothly. I guess that’s the real difference between the jumbo pencils and the regular eye pencils. After working the second job I made sure to unpack these babies and try them out. As with all my other pencils I mostly use these as complimentary bases for my eye shadows. They give the colors a little boost and seem to actually transform the shades a little. I do like the variety of shades you get in this kit but I definitely had to take a few swipes to get some color, for the swatches it took about 3 swipes each. They seem to blend very well together so if you’re using the suggested guide these would work very well. If you have oily lids I would definitely not recommend these alone since they are creamy and may tend to slip a little so I would recommend using a similarly colored eyeshadow to set them.

As for the lip glosses, both colors are very pretty. One is a very sparkly pink and the other is a more matte color. You could definitely wear them on their own or combine them, so it’s like you’re getting 3 shades. I’m experimenting with glosses and lipsticks now since I think I’m pretty happy with my eyeshadow technique. I got a lot of compliments about my eyeshadow today, I was using one of my older green Covergirl quads, and apparently I did a great job blending since everyone thought it was one color, or maybe I did too good of a job blending, either way the transition was more subtle. Oh so back to the kit…

The packaging itself is very nice and since I probably got them on the first day I had my pick of the nicer boxes. It definitely gives you incentive to start your holiday shopping early. For $15 this kit would make a great gift for someone who’s trying the jumbo pencils out for the first time, you’re getting a good deal and paying a little over $2 for each item and its already packaged, ready to be wrapped or thrown into a gift bag.


iPhone Beloved- a story of love, co-dependence & obsessive clicking…


Isn’t it crazy how dependent we are on our cell phones now? You can’t even call them cell phones, they’re smart phones. Even when my phone is charging in the other room and I’m just watching tv, I wonder about something and immediately get my iPhone so I can ask Siri or do a google search. This blog would not be around if it wasn’t for my ability to take photos, edit, and then post from my iPhone. I never have any reason to turn on my desktop, unless I need to transfer music to my iPod. My brother wrote a whole book (95,000 words) on his iPad and I edited that same book using my phone. The manuscript was never viewed using a desktop computer until I actually put together the manuscript.

According to my settings I have about 169 apps on my phone, most of those I probably don’t need- but want on my phone. I pretend of course that I have them organized, mostly because having the apps in folders makes me feel like they’re actually useful. Don’t get me wrong they totally are, but I have 5 camera apps not including the one that came with the phone. I do only have 2 pages of folders, the first one consisting of my apps that are for regular use and then the second page is for games.

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This weather! Hot, cold, hot, cold- c’mon already!


So last week was so nice and chilly I was about ready to get out my sweaters and fuzzy pajamas and now this week we got weather in the 80’s again! I even got a nice fleecy hoodie I could wear (I finally got to wear it tonight but I quickly had to take it off cuz it was hot), they keep saying its the last warm wave before it gets cold finally but is it really?! I just want cool weather, the sun can come out but I want a nice breeze, chilly mornings and coffee weather, that’s not too much to ask right?


Missing elf 6


So I received the rest of my order today from elf. It consisted of 2 jumbo pencils, 2 waterproof eye pencils and a cream shadow duo. I’m so glad I got the last two jumbo pencils, they’re gorgeous dark colors. One is a dark green and the other is a dark rich red. These are very pigmented and so I think I’ll be using them more as bases. I also got the rest of my waterproof liners and they were all very dark as well, I didn’t even swatch them because they all look similar, I was impressed with the ash color though. The plum and midnight almost seemed identical. I have no idea what to do with the cream shadow duo but I’ll play around with them this week.


Old Navy again!


The Old Navy stuff & save is in its final 2 days and so I decided to grab a few more things. Last week I bought a peacoat for my brother and he wore it to Berkeley when we visited my grandmother, she loved the coat and asked me to find her one so I did, I bought her almost the same coat in women’s, hopefully it fits but she can always exchange it. I also went through the clearance and picked up a few shirts. I may just get some plain thermals since they have them in all sorts of new colors. Tomorrow is the last day of the 30% off sale, so go take advantage while you can!


Elf Haul Minus 6


As you may recall I made a few orders last week and this one from elf was one I was really looking forward to. I purchased all of this during their 50% off eyes sale which ends tonight (OHMYEYES). I was disappointed to see that I was missing 6 items- a duo creme shadow, 2 jumbo pencils and 3 eyeliners. I immediately sent them an email and I was surprised that they responded about 10 minutes later telling me they would get my products out to me ASAP. I specifically upgraded my shipping so I wouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks to receive this order so I hope it doesn’t take 2 weeks to get my missing items.

Now onto the things I did receive- in this order I got 20 items which consist of- 8 jumbo eye pencils, 5 brushes, 1 eyeshadow quad, 1 eyelash kit, 3 waterproof eye liners, 1 undereye concealer/highlighter and 1 eye primer/liner sealer.

Photos under the cut

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