3 Years, 2 months, 20 days later…

Hello again. It’s alive! It’s been about 1177 days since my last post and how much has changed since then? Well, if I’m correct, that was about 2 months before I finally quit my job at Ikea and began working again for my old company. This is the same company which I quit to work at Ikea.

Around August, I was contacted by someone from that company and asked if i was still interested in working for them as they seem to have had the wrong phone number for me. At the time, I was already contemplating leaving Ikea but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do so of course I said yes, I’m interested. I ended up being offered the job with more hours and more pay. I accepted and gave my notice to Ikea. Unfortunately I had a two week overlap where I was working both jobs before settling into my schedule at my new job. Which was actually a good thing because I had to pay off my work purchases that I made while employed at Ikea.

Now I’m still working for the same company but amazingly, I’m working from home! Yes, the company who hired me, eventually began to send their workers home to save up work space. I guess it was more cost effective to send workers home and have them work there than to rent the space to have them work there. So for the past 2 years I’ve been working from home. I’ve changed departments, changed schedules a few times but yes, I’m still with the same company. I’ve decided that I have missed my website and so it’s back!

I do have another blog and gradually I will be adding more things here and updating all the links and whatnot. Well, see you in another few years…just kidding, maybe a few days!