Influenster Mary Kay Voxbox


I actually received this a few days ago but I’m just getting to it now. A few weeks ago I was asked to complete a quiz to receive a Voxbox from Influenster and I was selected to receive this box for review. I received 5 items which included: (Retail Price)

-Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in I Black ($15.00)
-Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10.00)
-Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15.00)
-Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22.00)
-Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18.00)

So let me start off by explaining the brand. I don’t have a Mary Kay lady on speed dial or anything, a few years ago I did know this customer from working at the dealership who often dropped off catalogs and the like, I maybe have been to one Mary Kay party a long time ago. Like 10 years ago, when I really didn’t care too much about makeup, well I can’t say I didn’t care but it seemed to be geared towards older ladies. I think that’s the image a lot of people get. It was like going to a Tupperware party but for makeup that was way too expensive. Quite frankly the prices of these products are a good surprise for me, but maybe it’s because I am older and willing to pay more for my makeup now than I was when I was in my teens. Overall I like these products, even if the lip stick wasn’t exactly a complimentary shade to me.

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-Lash Primer & Lengthening Mascara: I did these together because they go hand in hand. I love that Mary Kay has a lash primer, something I didn’t realize they had. It’s priced reasonably as well since I have been known to spend over $20 just for mascara alone. That’s a great value for what you’re getting. This requires further testing of course but from the day or two that I have been using it, both of these products are great and the best part for me is the curved brush on the mascara. I have shorter lashes and normal brushes don’t seem to get the shorter lashes on the side, but this works really well.

-Lipstick: I’m not a lip stick person. If I even do wear lip stick its a matte texture with bright color. Or I wear a lip stain or gloss that doesn’t need to be re-applied. This lip stick was soft and smooth, not oily or over shiny. It had a pleasant smell as well as taste. I didn’t eat it but you know what I mean when I say that. It didn’t make me want to gag. Lol. I’ll definitely be checking this out for more color choices, as for this one I’ll probably be offering it up to one of my aunts. Oh and bonus points for the packaging. It was very modern and you pressed down on the lid to pop it out. Very cool!

-Eye color/concealer Brush: This was a very flat eye brush perfect for placing shadow in the creases. It was soft and the texture was nice but it was just your standard brush. I don’t think it’s really anything I would pay $10 for. If it were a full shadow brush I would definitely consider it.

-Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm: I liked this color, but it was very shimmery. I tend to go for stronger colors or neutrals and this was kind of blah. The consistency was good, typical of cream shadows, but for someone with oily skin I don’t think this would work well because it’s too creamy. So creamy that the color won’t stay long or it will just make my skin break out. Also I’m not sure it’s worth it for that price. Considering that Maybelline has the color tattoo shadows that are much thicker and pigmented for a third of the price with about the same amount of product (I’m not 100% sure on the sizes at the moment), I think they should consider lowering the price on these.

Overall I love these products and they’ve certainly piqued my interest into actually perusing their website for more items. Hopefully they have a better color selection and I’ll be able to find something I like.


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