Old Navy Stuff & Save plus Pop Pants


I’ve done some interesting shopping today. I’ve purchased my first pair of super skinny jeans. And it’s a bit scary. I’m not what you’d call a skinny jeans kinda girl, thanks in part to my huge calves but I love the feel of the super skinny pop jeans from Old Navy and they were on sale so I bought my first pair. I didn’t go too crazy mind you because I don’t like the corduroy ones, or the dot ones, or the brightly colored ones so I stayed pretty tame by just getting the denim version. I plan on wearing them with my adoraboots, also from Old Navy. While at the store I also purchased the cute Santa’s Little Helper long sleeve shirt. I won’t be wearing it all together but they’re cute pieces. Now I’ve got to summon up the courage to wear the skinny jeans outside lol!


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