Influencer VoxBox: Palmolive Fresh Infusions


I just received a new box today from Influenster, and I didn’t even realize I had qualified for it. In this box I got 3 full sized (16 fl oz) bottles of dish liquid. They come in 3 scents: Ginger White Tea, Lemon Thyme and Lime Basil. There were also suppose to be 5 coupon for $1.50 off but I think someone pulled some of them out of the box during shopping. I haven’t done dishes yet tonight and this is a nice little surprise. The dish soap we use most in our house is a different brand right now. Hint: it’s the brand which has the commercials with the baby animals covered in oil, being cleaned up with this product.

So far, I’m liking this new line. I love the packaging, it’s not the traditional dish soap packaging and its pretty sturdy. My one qualm is that it may not be so easy to handle while you’re washing dishes and your hands are wet. I could easily see this slipping out of my hands. Perhaps having some notches or changing the shape of the bottle slightly will help with that. Or even adding some texture to the sides of the bottle will help.

As for the scents themselves- I love the lime basil. It’s different yet still smells clean without being too overly fragranced. I’ve been seeing that a lot of brands are branching out to more fruity smells and while that’s acceptable , citrus scents are still my favorite. Most orange smelling cleaners including dish soaps are too strong in my opinion, so going with the essential lemon and lime were great choices. The White Ginger Tea was my least favorite scent but at least it wasn’t a strong scent. It was very subtle.


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