Some basic info for you:

  • I’m American of Filipino descent, I have 1 brother, 3 cats, and I live in Sacramento, California. I grew up all over the Pacific because my father was in the Air Force for the first 20 years of my life.
  • I love and hate social networking sites, mostly because I love the spirit of the whole community of people who come together with a common interest (for example my Sharks Fam on Twitter), but also there’s alot of bat shit crazy people out there. You never know over the interwebs who is going to be the crazy friend.
  • I go through phases. Alot. At the moment I’m watching alot of TV, mostly because there’s plenty of awesome things to watch. I also go through phases where all I do is read, then shop, then get into building websites. I am constantly creating blogs, never really blogging, just making blogs.
  • My best friend is probably my brother, who I admire immensely because of his ability to keep a positive attitude even with all the things he’s been through. My brother just graduated from Law School a few years ago and he’s legally blind. I’m not talking legally blind like he can see from one eye, or that he lost his sight due to an illness. My brother has been blind since birth and at his best he could probably only see shadows. And yet he still went through 4 years of college and then got his JD. I barely made it out of high school.
  • I have worked in the car business for the past 8 years of my life and it’s dumb. I hate the car business. It kills your soul and exposes you to the worst kind of people out there. Particularly where I used to work. The irony of the whole thing for me was that I was fired for bad customer service. Not my fault, but the management is ridiculous and treats their hard working employees like shit. I currently work retail, and although the hours tend to not be the greatest, I find that it’s very rewarding. I get to socialize with customers, the co-workers are friendly and for the most part, when they say customer service is a priority- they mean it.
  • My favorite color is teal. But I also like brown & purple.
  • I love makeup and being creative, oh and shopping. I would never call myself an expert with makeup but it’s an interesting subject for me.

I guess that’s about it for now, if you’re really curious you can comment or just ask!

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