Product love! My favorite wallets


One of the best things you can do to keep your purse organized is to have a smaller wallet. My current favorite wallet is this Xhilaration brand wallet that was actually given to me as a birthday gift in September by my aunt. She gave me the light blue one with the peace sign and the black one with the owl, to my mother. I’ve since purchase another with no design but an extra zip pocket on the outside and traded it to my mom for the black owl one. These can carry up to six cards with an additional pocket for receipts and a few other cards. They also have a zip pocket on the inside for coins. An extra bonus for me is that they’re big enough to hold my phone. So if I’m going on a quick errand or I don’t want to carry my purse. I can just grab this and go. I love these things so much that I need to stock up on them while I can and these seem to be the only kind that I really love. So if you’re looking for some stocking stuffers or holiday gifts, consider these for sure!


What am I doing at 4 am? Spending $1.52!


Yeah it’s 4 am and I have work later in the day but guess who just used her awesome deal and got some new scarves? I did! So for the past two weekends Groupon apparently has been worried that I haven’t been spending any money and they sent me $5 off credits towards any Groupon deal. I unfortunately forgot about the one from 2 weekends ago but they luckily sent it this weekend again and I took advantage of it and bought the deal from There were 2 options- $15 for $40 worth of scarves and $30 for $80 worth of scarves. I was seriously considering buying the one for $30 but then my brain kicked me and I bought the $15 deal for $10 of course. I had no idea this site even existed and I had to restrain myself from ordering too much, but since I have never used it before I decided to just stick to the basics. I got one viscose zebra print scarf and one polyester fringed scarf. The patterns are what I really was looking for and they were not wool or fleece, I could easily get those from work, plus it’s still in the 80’s and 90’s where I live so I may never need anything much thicker than what I ordered. Plus, if I really don’t like them I’m sure I can give them away to people who do love scarves more than I do. So yay for great deals!

Oh I’d also like to mention that normally when I do buy Groupons from stores and the like I don’t usually buy the bare minimum. It’s just good practice to buy more since I know the vendors sell these at a great discount, but I’m broke right now and I’m sure I’ll come back for more if I do like the products. The shipping was actually pretty reasonable and they had alot of options.