Guess catnaps it will be!


I still have not gotten my schedule fixed from my other job and it seems Black Friday/Saturday is gonna be hellish. Here’s what my schedule looks like:

Friday 11/23
1:30pm-5:30pm: work at 1st Job
5:00pm-2:00am: work at 2nd Job (this is after the ‘adjustment’ it obviously needs to be fixed, originally this was a 6pm-3:30am shift)
5.5 Hours off! Minus 30 minutes each to and from work, minus an hour to shower & get ready for work=3.5 to nap & eat!
Saturday 11/24
6:30am-11:00am: work at 2nd Job
Noon-4:00pm: work at 1st Job

So obviously Friday needs to fixed because I can’t start work at 5:00 when I’m working until 5:30 at my first job. It’ll be interesting to see what my schedule for next week will be, judging by this week schedule, they’ll double book me at least twice next week too. I doubt I’ll even nap in between the time I leave Saturday morning to the time I come back. I’m not one of those people who can just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. This is just insane.

UPDATE: I finally called and made sure my Tuesday shift was covered and so now I think I just have to worry about my Friday/Saturday shifts, I won’t bother with them until I come in on Thursday- Thanksgiving!


Black Friday Doom!


It’s all over the news right now that Black Friday has morphed into Black Thursday. It’s a fact that all the stores are releasing their upcoming Black Friday ads and most of them are actually opening their doors on Thursday night. That would have been insane years ago, and only one or two stores would have participated. We used to actually respect the fact that it was a day off, a whole day off to spend with your loved ones (or ones you mildy tolerate) while drinking and stuffing yourself with yummy food! While one of my jobs is not really into the Black Friday thing- the other place I work at- is. I’m actually looking forward to the event, because it starts at midnight and runs they have specials every few hours. To be honest I won’t mind working overnight because I’m a crazy night person. So long as I have enough time to spend with my family and I don’t have to be back on Thursday evening I think I’ll be alright. Now we just have to wait until this Thursday to see whether or not my Thanksgiving day meal will be cut short.