It’s time for the fleece blankets!


Jack & Sophie with their first kitty blanket
So it was actually cold today and we finally brought out our fleece blankets. They were meant for the humans in the house but of course Jack and Sophie pounced on them. We didn’t even really have many of them until we got our two youngest cats. I remember when we actually got our first one, Mom and I bought it at Big Lots I think. They were on sale for a few bucks and it was around this same time. I picked out a pinkish purple one, just on a whim and we took it home. As soon as the little kitty Jack saw it he started to knead on it and so mom actually gave it to him for his basket. This is also the time of the year that their baskets come out from the garage as well. We basically line them up in the living room, one for each cat. Ever since that first blanket we’ve picked up a few every year and just go through them. They’re so nice and soft, it’s the best feeling when you wake up all snug and cozy on those cold mornings.

So in other news, I finally told one of my managers when I worked today that I had another job and she was actually happy for me. I told her that I basically would have to change my availability every week and she said as long as I find a good balance that would be great. For the most part it was a great day, I was busy and I had fun talking to all the customers. I even signed up 4 people for the company card, of course it always helps when I have the card myself and we have a nice big sale coming up next week. Well it was good almost to the end when my manager told me I wasn’t answering the phones quick enough. That just kinda irritated me a bit, it was mentioned that the phone has already rung twice before it even rings at the front and that’s pretty silly if you ask me. Plus it was ringing in the back office and no one could answer it? They said basically if I’m with a customer and can’t answer the phone to use the walkies and call up another associate to answer the phones, but wouldn’t that be a waste of time as well, considering the phones aren’t exactly ringing off the hook. In the 4 and a half hours I was there, they maybe rang 6 times, and I was always with a customer. It just doesn’t make sense to me to me and it feels like I’m being rude to the person who is standing in front of me. But that’s just me, anyways- rant over. I was just irritated by the fact that it was made a huge deal, instead of the good job I otherwise. But oh well.



Happy Birthday Jack!


Today was a good day. Work was great, the weather is cool-ish and my lil baby kitty Jack turned 6! I’m sitting in my backyard and my neighbors are blasting their music. Not my next door neighbors mind you, the neighbors a few houses down. It’s horrible and it’s not in English. That matters none to me of course, I won’t criticize people for their terrible musical proclivities. As long as its inside their own homes! My AC cycling on and off, nails on a chalkboard, bagpipes, water dripping…. to name a few things I’d rather listen to that your music. Keep it in your car and/or house please!


Memories of Momo


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my cat Momo. He was my very first real pet. He wasn’t actually my first pet, I had a dog when I was younger and we had a family cat named Koko before we adopted Mo from the Solano County Animal Shelter. He was my 16th birthday present from my parents. They must have misheard me when I asked for a car lol, just kidding I never wanted a car at 16. I remember my dad picking me up after school and taking me to the animal shelter to pick out a kitten and I recall how I picked the one who climbed all over his siblings to get to to front of his cage so I’d notice him. We took him home and my mother made a joke that we were suppose to bring home a cute kitten and not some little fluff ball that looked more like a mouse. That little ball of fluff quickly grew and soon he was even bigger than Koko. Unfortunately after only about six months, my dad received his next orders from the Air Force and we had to move to Okinawa, Japan. We were told we could not take our pets, so we had to give Koko away (a decision we regret to this day because we found out later that we could have taken Koko) and my grandmother agreed to take Mo in. She couldn’t take Koko because he was used to living in the suburbs and being let outside once in awhile, he would be forced to stay inside if he lived in Berkeley. Even when we moved back to California after my dad left the Air Force I couldn’t take Mo back because we lived in a rental. It wasn’t until 2004 when we moved to Sacramento and into our home that I was finally able to take Mo back permanently. I’ll always be grateful to my grandmother for taking Mo in while we were unable to have him with us. He was more her cat than mine in a lot of ways because he lived with her a lot longer. For 2 years he enjoyed living in our house, lounging outdoors and playing with his companions- first Puddy and then Ella. Then one Sunday we noticed he was acting lethargic and he just didn’t look well. We took him to the vet and they ran tests but they determined he had weakened lungs and an upper respiratory infection. On its own the infection could have been cured but for Mo, the outlook wasn’t so good. We all sat up with him that night and my grandmother came up to say her goodbyes, and he passed away at home on the morning of Tuesday, September 26, 2006. It’s been six years and I still miss him.

My cat Ella definitely missed him and so we didn’t wait as long as I thought we would before we got another cat. I had wanted a cat who was different than Mo but also similar in ways- so I adopted Sophie, a little girl cat who had similar coloring. Unfortunately Ella hated Sophie, so I adopted one more cat- a little orange tabby who had been abandoned by his mother. Jack had also been born around the time that Mo had died, maybe a little part of Mo was reincarnated as my big fluff ball Jack. And that makes me love him just a little bit more.

Here are the kitties- Jack, Sophie & Ella