Influenster Cosmo Voxbox


So last month sometime I signed up for Influenster because I saw a few videos on YouTube and I decided to check it out. I signed up and created my profile. It’s a great website for reviewing all things and seeing what people are raving or ranting about. I was surprised last week when I got an email letting me know that they were sending me something. Today that something finally arrived and I love the products I received! It’s not really a beauty box per say it’s more of a lifestyle box. As you can see in the photo I received-
•Forever Red by Bath & Body Works deluxe sample
•2 Pilot Frixion Pens (Black & Purple)
•Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape
•Venus Embrace Razor with Venus & Olay Refill

First off this is a really great kit because all of these things I have been so eager to try after seeing them in the store. If you’ve read my blog before I was recently at BBW and I ended up purchasing my Cashmere Glow spray because I wasn’t 100% sure about buying the full size fragrance size of Forever Red. Now I get to try it out with this .25 oz sample that apparently retails for $10.

As for the Venus razor I literally was staring at one of these boxes at Target contemplating buying it but wasn’t sure because 1- it’s wintertime and how often am I going to be showing my legs? And 2-my hair doesn’t grow that quickly enough that I have to shave. So now I get to give this a test drive to see if I really do need it enough to repurchase.

Pens are always a win for me and I always need pens, one of my favorite websites to peruse is Jetpens. If you looked at my purse right now I have at least 3 pens in there. While this isn’t a pen I would have normally picked up because I’m going through a click pen phase, this is a great pen to have since its erasable! And it comes in purple! A lot of pens only come in the standard blue & black so finding a nice purple pen is not as easy as you might think. These two a definitely going in my purse.

Finally- the chocolate. How can you go wrong with chocolate? Especially since its sea salt & almonds. I love sweet and salty combo foods, from the salted caramel Macarons from Ginger Elizabeth Chocolatier to the salted caramel lattes at Starbucks to Kettle Corn from well…everywhere. I’ve already tried this bar and at $2.79 each they’re definitely worth it.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I got this box for free from Influenster by filling out my profile and doing reviews on products I’ve used in the past. If only subscription services that you pay for did this well at choosing products for me I’d never have cancelled my subscription (ahem Birchbox), and if Influenster did start a sub service I’d pay for quality products like this.