Ipsy (My Glam Bag) Reveal


I’m still fairly new to the world of Subscription Beauty Boxes but I’m already on my 2nd one. Last month I posted about how disappointed I was with my Birchbox and I subsequently cancelled my subscription. I signed up for Ipsy that day and I’m so relieved I did. I received by Ipsy bag today, 2 days ahead of schedule and I’m so happy with what I received. One of the main differences between my Birchbox and Ipsy bags is that you get the same items in ALL of the bags. With a few exceptions- I mean I received a different shade of the Nyx pigments than a few of the people’s videos that I viewed on YouTube. So what exactly did I receive in my Ipsy bag?

*Metallic Grey makeup bag (of course)
*1 Full Size Nyx Pearl Pigment
*1 Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Mini in Zero
*2 Mirabella Eye & Face Primers (a mistake I’m sure)
*1 MAI Couture Booklet of Highlighting Papers (25 sheets)
*1 Be A Bombshell Lipgloss in Hot Mess

So I got basically 7 items, all of which are deluxe if not full sized items. There was no food, perfume samples, foil packs or fashion tape. Don’t get me wrong I love perfume but I don’t need a sample of perfume every month. So far this is a wonderful start for Ipsy. We’ll see how they do next month!


Yay new stuff!


Today was my day off and I went shopping! My mom and I needed to do a little grocery shopping so we went to the commissary and the base exchange. Before we went she checked the mail and I got a nice little surprise from Influenster! I got my Cosmo Voxbox and I’ll go more into detail about those tomorrow!

So at the BX I found some discounted concealer, which is a great way to sample products you’re on the fence about, I bought one from Almay and another from Revlon. My main reason for going on this trip however was to look for the holiday makeup sets that come out around this time. I know Estée Lauder has one for $58 but that’s with purchase, and Clinique has one as well. But the set I purchased was the one from Elizabeth Arden, it comes with a cute case and a ton of makeup for $39! It’s called the Day to Night Holiday Color Collection. I’ll do a separate post on it as well. At the BX I also picked up some Goody Spin Pins, and then grabbed some of my favorite makeup remover cloths from Simple at the Commissary. Overall a very satisfying if not necessarily productive (I still have tons of laundry to do!) day off.


It’s raining, it’s pouring…


There’s some big storms hitting my area of the world and its making it really feel like winter. We don’t get snow here, we just get rain. And fog. Oh and floods. I’m suppose to work a full shift tomorrow at my first job, and that’s when the worst weather is suppose to hit. I’m looking for rain boots now everywhere and since I’ve been blessed with huge calves, none of those cute Wellies work for me unless I buy the more expensive wide calf ones for like $80. I’m pretty maxed out on my boot budget but since I hate getting my feet wet, I’m trying to justify buying another pair of boots.


My New Makeup Area


How long do you take to get ready? As you may or may not know, I work two different retail jobs and I don’t necessarily have the most regular hours, the earliest I start is around 9 in the morning and the latest is around 6 in the evening, that could also be changing with the holidays coming around I may be working round the clock. I kind of like the frequent change, it keeps me on my toes. As a result of my ever changing schedule I am developing a routine for getting ready for work, I’m still trying to get it right but here’s how I get ready:

•I always try to wake up 2 hours before I have to be at work- factoring in where I am working (30 mins travel time for one job and 15 minutes travel time for the other)
•Half an hour to shower/brush my teeth/eat a meal
•Half an hour to apply face products and foundation
•Half an hour to do my other eye makeup & get dressed
•Half an hour to play with Jack, chase the cats and get to work

Of course that’s what I try to do everyday and in order to help keep some order in my routine I re-arranged my room so I could keep my makeup organized on 1/3 of my large desk. All my makeup is sorted out and I just put everything in front of me on a folded up paper towel. Then as I finish with it, I try to put it away so the mess doesn’t add up. The paper towel is also very useful for cleaning off my brushes as I finish with them. So far, it’s been great, the only thing I have to maybe work on is adjusting the lighting I use or perhaps getting a better mirror.


Re-arranging my bedroom & finally a day off!


It’s finally my day off tomorrow! I’m so excited, I have absolutely nowhere I have to be tomorrow. I still may go to Berkeley since I forgot I have things to drop off but more than likely I’m gonna try to head over on Tuesday with my family, that is if I can fix my schedule. I had emailed my manager at one of my jobs with my new schedule and there were some conflicts, if I can’t fix it, I may just ask my friend Lindsey to cover my shift, I don’t mind losing 4 hours.

I finally did something with my nails and I tried a nail polish I got from Birch Box, I screwed it up though and buffed my nails too smooth and so the polish didn’t stick. I’ll have to redo them tomorrow- on my day off!

I also stayed up late moving my furniture around. I won’t post a pic since its waaaay too messy. I’m glad with my newest arrangement. My room feels much larger and I’m closer to the window. So what’s on the schedule for my day off? Errands mostly, laundry, rotating my fall/winter clothes and food shopping. My life is so exciting isn’t it?


Elf Haul Minus 6


As you may recall I made a few orders last week and this one from elf was one I was really looking forward to. I purchased all of this during their 50% off eyes sale which ends tonight (OHMYEYES). I was disappointed to see that I was missing 6 items- a duo creme shadow, 2 jumbo pencils and 3 eyeliners. I immediately sent them an email and I was surprised that they responded about 10 minutes later telling me they would get my products out to me ASAP. I specifically upgraded my shipping so I wouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks to receive this order so I hope it doesn’t take 2 weeks to get my missing items.

Now onto the things I did receive- in this order I got 20 items which consist of- 8 jumbo eye pencils, 5 brushes, 1 eyeshadow quad, 1 eyelash kit, 3 waterproof eye liners, 1 undereye concealer/highlighter and 1 eye primer/liner sealer.

Photos under the cut

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My grandmother came back from the Philippines today and I was working both jobs tomorrow and I was tired so I couldn’t go. I was surprised when I got this bracelet because I forgot all about asking about it. I had been looking for one for a long time, it’s an agsam bracelet, made of fern leaves I think. It’s a woven bracelet that you get wet, slip on your arm to fit and then when it dries it fits perfectly.


Maybe a fire?


This actually happened on Friday. I came home and heard some arguing or yelling. So the cats and I all took a window and looked outside and see people across the street pointing to my neighbors house. I open the front door and heard mention of the fire department being called. A few minutes later at least 4 fire trucks were on my street and the neighbor had water pouring out from his garage. Water was pouring out of the garage before the fire dept got here so I’m thinking he put it out already. Nonetheless they came in and investigated.