Sometimes, patience does pay off!


Have you ever been browsing through a store, trying samples of this and that? Well every time I go to the Base Exchange with my mom, I always spritz a bit of Victoria’s Secret Angel, it always seems to floral and pretty. I always tell myself that I’m gonna order it online from VS as soon as I get home. When I do get home I look at the price ($45!) and decide not to do it. I was actually looking at my VS coupon book and thinking of ordering it in December because that’s when their coupon is valid. Well, someone must have heard my wish because the Victoria’s Secret fragrances are now on sale for $30! Both the 1.0 oz and the 2.5 oz are the same price! Then I also have a $20 rewards card, so with shipping and tax then minus my gift card- I paid only $20!

I also got a secret rewards card but that usually only gives me $10, always has and probably always will, I may just use it for perfume in December but this totally made my day!


Old Navy done!


Yay for Old Navy deals! I got the lovely tote bag as part of Old Navy’s Stuff and Save event going on this week and I also got 40% off my purchases since I used my Old Navy card. I bought a grey peacoat that my little brother wanted and I got a few things for myself (6 shirts and 1 tank). I ended up giving my mom the bag and half the shirts. I paid $75, the coat itself is normally $69, so I got a great deal, I may just go back to peruse the clearance since I was kind of in a hurry today. And I had to wait in a long line. FYI, if you are interested the Stuff & Save event is still going on until 10/24, with card members getting 30% off.


Scarves Arrived!


Last week I posted about the scarves I was ordering at 4 am? Well they finally arrived in the mail and I love them! I bought 2 scarves, one in a fall plaid pattern with fringe and another that was a ‘viscose’ type with purple zebra print. They were both better than I expected but I love the plaid fringe one, its definitely perfect for fall and doesn’t fall into the traditional fall color scheme so I think this may even be perfect for year round. The zebra print is also nice but I might actually give that one away since I’m not that keen on it, even though I love purple.


Nyx Haute Jersey Palette


This actually arrived in the mail yesterday but I already had a post so I decided to save it for today. This palette has actually been out awhile but it showed up as a deal on Groupon Goods for only $15 so I decided to buy it, normally this goes for $25-$30. It’s got 2 makeup sections with a mirror divider. There are 24 eyeshadows in great colors- most have a bit of shimmer, 2 blushes, 2 lip glosses, 3 bronzers and a blush/bronzer combo. From the reviews I’ve seen on the net, the eyeshadows can be chalky and not that pigmented. I’ve only used this once so far- I used the bluish purple shade and the gold shimmer. I did notice the chalkiness but I’m happy with the color payoff. The only other thing I used from the palette was the combo bronzer & blush. That was just meh, perhaps it was too light for me.