Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Lipsticks


Swatches from left to right- Sugar Plum Fairy, Stoplight Red, Cherry Picking, Wine Room, Mocha-licious, and Cinnamon Spice

So I just found a CVS Drug Store that’s relatively close to my house and it had the best stocked makeup section I’ve seen! The majority of their items were well stocked and the displayed looked nice, and best of all- the products were not opened or destroyed. I don’t know about you, but when I shop at Walmart, Target or any of the other drug stores I’m always having to check the products I buy to make sure they’re not tampered with. Who’s gonna buy something that everyone has touched? I’m certainly not and its ridiculous that people do this. Anyways, I’m off topic.

So the day my mom and I went to this CVS I purchased a few items I’ve had my eye on and I found these lipsticks from Wet’n’Wild. They’re not new but they’re new to me because I’m just getting into the habit of using lip products beyond lip balms. I only purchased the shade Sugar Plum Fairy and I loved it. It was very pigmented with a more matte finish. And it looked good on me. Most importantly- the price. This awesome lipstick was only $1.99! I went back a couple of days later and bought 5 more, and with the buy one, get one 50% off, I saved more money. The Sugar Plum Fairy is still my favorite shade, the two on the right end were my least favorite but they’re still good. The odd thing I noticed was that one if the shades seemed a bit different than all the rest. The Stoplight Red shade seemed to have a glossier feel than the others. Maybe it’s just me.