Elf 50% Off Best Sellers!

So I’m back! I’m not even going to mention all that’s happened or why I’ve been gone for so long but let’s just say I could achieve a proper work/home life balance.

Onto the fun stuff. Last week I was cleaning out my purse and realized my favorite “go to” eyeliner had lost its cap and completely dried out. There’s a story here though, because of the current weather situation in Northern California (burning hot!), I have been going very low key on my makeup routine. Since I figure I’ll sweat it off or it will melt off I have been basically using a powder foundation and if I do wear any eye makeup I’ve been using minimal eye makeup and liner. One of my favorite re-discovered items has been the elf waterproof eyeliner in Teal. It’s a super bright color that gives a pop of color without smearing or making me look too colorful at work. It’s the perfect spring/summer color! It’s also the one that lost its cap and dried out. I got lucky this time and elf was having a 50% off sale on its Best Selling items. This of course was on its list. So I went ahead and made a big purchase and my items finally arrived today!
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New makeup I forgot I had! Plus some I just bought!


You know you have a makeup addiction when you forget about a recently purchased new product. I was racking my brain while I was taking pictures just a few minutes ago about my new Covergirl liner pencils when I realized I took pictures of my recent purchases from the other day but never blogged about them. It was earlier this week when I went on a quick Wal-Mart run with my brother and I picked up a few things:
-2 Covergirl eyeliner pencils in blue & purple
-Revlon Creme Shadow Quad
-Goody Mini spin pins
-Maybelline Fiber Lash Mascara
-NYC makeup palette for brown eyes

Today at Target I picked up:
-elf cream liner in black
-Revlon Custom Eyes palette in Pop Colors

Maybe my mother was right when she asked me today if I had enough makeup. I could never have enough but still, it makes you wonder.

My favorite of this whole set is of course the Covergirl eyeliner pencils. They reminds me of my jumbo pencils in consistency but of course with thinner lines. The blue in particular is more of a shimmery blue while the purple is more of a matte. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the elf cream liner, but when I first swatched it, it was very light. I guess I just had to press a little harder. It was very black and didn’t smudge easily, in fact my hand went a little red while I tried to take it off lol. I’d say that’s good quality since I’d never rub my eyes that hard.

I bought the mini spin pins after realizing my hair is a bit too short for the regular sized pins. They’ll come in handy though since I am trying to grow my hair out. These work great for half up hair styles.

I have yet to use the Revlon Cream Shadow Quad but the consistency was good. I imagine these will make a great base. I have been using the NYC palette and it makes for a great daytime look. I didn’t think so at first but I’ve used it once this week and the combo is perfect for work. It’s not overly colorful and the brown and purple work well together. As for the Revlon Custom Eyes palette it’s a bit too bright for work at the 1st job but I could use it for my 2nd job. I’m allowed to be a little bit more colorful there.

Now for the Maybelline Fiber Lash Mascara- I’m still not sold on this. While I have been using it almost everyday now I’m still not 100% sold on this. Not that I expected it to work wonders but it doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. I’m gonna give it a few more days before I resort to trying false lashes again.


Elf & VS Arrival


I’m trying a new app for my photos today- Diptic, it has fewer effects than Fuzel Pro which I typically use but it’s great for what it’s for.

Now for today’s stuff- I was expecting 2 packages today from elf and from Victoria’s Secret. The first to arrive was my elf shipment and when I opened it up I was surprised at how full it was, I almost thought they had mistakenly sent me too much stuff and then I recalled the promotion they had when I ordered. Besides having a 50% sale on the studio line, they were giving away a free 12 brush set. It’s the ones with the white handles. In this set I received one each of the:
*Total Face Brush
*Foundation Brush
*Bronzing Brush
*Eyelash & Brow Wand
*Brow Comb & Brush
*Blending Eye Brush
*Eyeshadow Brush
*Smudge Eye Sponge
*Eyeliner Brush (Push Brush)
*Defining Eye Brush
*Concealer Brush
*Lip Defining Brush

Here’s what I ordered from elf:
*Eye Contour Brush
*Mineral Powder Brush
*Small Tapered Brush
*Retractable Lip Brush
*Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush
*Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
*Eye Refresh
*Daily Moisture Stick
*Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Black

Not a bad haul if I do say so myself, considering the items I got for free. I did buy some of these same brushes last month for half price, and some I have never had. I love the sturdier style of the studio brushes, so I’m definitely happy I purchased those. The four non brushes I did purchase I did so out of curiosity, the eye refresher I had been wanting for awhile but it was always sold out, the eyeliner crayon was a new item, the moisture stick was an impulse buy since I’d never tried a moisture stick, and finally the mascara was something I’ve been needing. I rarely use mascara but lately I’ve been noticing how powdery they get sometimes after applying my eye makeup so I’ve been adding a quick layer or two.

The second thing to arrive today was the Victoria’s Secret fragrance that I purchased that was on sale last week. There’s nothing more to say about it except that its awesome and it’s finally mine!


Missing elf 6


So I received the rest of my order today from elf. It consisted of 2 jumbo pencils, 2 waterproof eye pencils and a cream shadow duo. I’m so glad I got the last two jumbo pencils, they’re gorgeous dark colors. One is a dark green and the other is a dark rich red. These are very pigmented and so I think I’ll be using them more as bases. I also got the rest of my waterproof liners and they were all very dark as well, I didn’t even swatch them because they all look similar, I was impressed with the ash color though. The plum and midnight almost seemed identical. I have no idea what to do with the cream shadow duo but I’ll play around with them this week.


Elf Haul Minus 6


As you may recall I made a few orders last week and this one from elf was one I was really looking forward to. I purchased all of this during their 50% off eyes sale which ends tonight (OHMYEYES). I was disappointed to see that I was missing 6 items- a duo creme shadow, 2 jumbo pencils and 3 eyeliners. I immediately sent them an email and I was surprised that they responded about 10 minutes later telling me they would get my products out to me ASAP. I specifically upgraded my shipping so I wouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks to receive this order so I hope it doesn’t take 2 weeks to get my missing items.

Now onto the things I did receive- in this order I got 20 items which consist of- 8 jumbo eye pencils, 5 brushes, 1 eyeshadow quad, 1 eyelash kit, 3 waterproof eye liners, 1 undereye concealer/highlighter and 1 eye primer/liner sealer.

Photos under the cut

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Sales, sales and more sales!


A bunch of neat sales going on this week and I plan on taking advantage of all of them!

Everyday Minerals has one of the best mineral foundations and they’re based in Texas, so shipping is fairly fast. They also offer affordable samples of their products so you can find the right shades. They offer 4 different bases for their foundation: matte, semi-matte, IT and Jojoba. I have fairly oily skin so I like the matte and semi-matte. They usually sell the .17 oz (4.8g) big containers for $15.99 but they’re having a promotion right now for 50% off the semi-matte. To compare you can get a big size of Bare Minerals .28 oz (8g) for $27. I use both everyday right now, I combine EM’s Sandy Beige and my BM in Medium Tan along with the Sunshine Color corrector and apply that to my face everyday. You can also save big by making a custom kit at EM, you chose three products from the bases, blushes, bronzers and shine control powders, and save 25%. That’s the deal I used, no coupon code required.

Elf (eyeslipsface) has another great deal going on. I got the email this morning about their eyes promotion. The coupon code is OHMYEYES, with a minimum purchase of $20 you get 50% off all eye products. I was especially excited that elf finally has eye pencils! I’m currently obsessed with eye pencils (as you may have seen) and they have them at $2, so I got all 10 shades for half off. Plus the waterproof eye liners I love come in more colors, so I bought the new colors.

Finally Old Navy is having a 40% off Stuff and Save. I’m excited since I’ve never gone to one. Basically if you have the Old Navy card you get a free tote, fill it up with all the stuff you want and save 40% off, that’s only the first day though, after that from the 18th to the 24th you get 30% off, still a good deal but I plan on going the first day. I am giving myself a limit but I do have a gift card too so I told my brother I’d buy him a peacoat.

I’ll be sure to post photos of everything when I get it. I should be getting my Birchbox in the next few days as well, and my new shirts from Fanatics.


Brushes again!


A few months ago I realized that I was starting to develop redness all around my face, at first it would only show with extreme weather but gradually it just stayed on my face all the time. So I had to do something about it, which meant I actually had to start using foundation. I’ve never had to worry about my face ever. Through my teenage years until a few months ago I had clear skin, with a few pimples every now and then since I do have oily skin. I tried a few different types of foundation and eventually settled on Bare Escentuals and Everyday Minerals because I could build up the coverage without the cakey feeling of liquid foundations. As I was exploring the world of foundations I also realized that having the right brushes could also make a huge difference. For instance I bought a BE kit from Sephora which came with 3 brushes but I actually don’t use those brushes to apply my foundation. I found that I get the best coverage using a flat powder brush from elf. The BE brushes I use for applying blush or mineral veil. If I’m not using my Tarte face brush which is a whole lot softer. I like using synthetic bristle brushes as opposed to animal hair brushes, they seem to last longer and if you buy a good brand they’re softer and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Not all BE brushes irritate me, I do own a antibacterial synthetic brush which came with my Redness Remedy, that is an excellent brush!

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