Elizabeth Arden Day to Night Holiday Color Collection


One of the reasons I love shopping at the base exchange or BX with my mother is that I can usually score some really good deals on makeup or beauty products. For the past few years during the holidays she buys me makeup sets, usually these are the sets that- if you went to Macy’s or other department stores would be offered at a discount with purchase. This particular set would have been sold for $47.50 with any $29.50 Elizabeth Arden purchase. So you would have had to pay $77 for this and something else from EA, my mother purchased this for me for $39. Plus no tax. This is an 18 piece set which comes with a makeup case. Cases like that by themselves are usually $20-$30 so that alone makes it an awesome deal. The set consists of 2 palettes (6 shadows & 1 blush in each), 4 lipsticks, 2 glosses, 3 brushes, 2 lip liners, 2 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 1 shimmer powder trio and 1 bottle of makeup remover.

As you may have deduced from the name the items are divided into day and nighttime colors. The daytime colors as expected are more toned down neutral colors, with half the shadows with a matte finish. The lipsticks are more sheer and perfect for work or just as everyday look. I love the darker colors in the night time palette, my favorite being the teal color. This set definitely have more shimmer to them and the lipsticks have are a nice complimentary shade without being overly bright, they can be toned down if you combine them with the gloss.

I don’t recall what last year’s holiday set looked like but the palettes this year have are a different shape, for awhile they were longer with the same amount of shadows and blush but they weren’t as portable as these ones will be. The shimmer trio is a great addition, and it comes with a small retractable brush that fits on the underside of the shimmer trio container. Great idea and perfect for adding a small bit of shimmer to your face but not that great for adding color to a bigger area like your cheeks or your temples. Speaking of brushes- this kit comes with 3, a large face brush, a smaller angled brush and what I think is a blending brush. I don’t believe it’s for the shadows because the palettes have sponge tip applicators. It’s like a mid size concealer brush. I probably will stick these brushes in my travel case as backup brushes and use my own brushes. The other items in the set are standard items, eyeliners in black and brown, lip liner in a pinkish and reddish tone, and a full sized huge mascara. I’m more excited to play around with the neutral daytime palette since I’m used to the more colorful looks.

Overall this is a wonderful collection and a great bargain, it truly made my day off awesome!