Basics: Eyeliners


If you asked me what my absolute favorite must have makeup item was, I’d have to say it’s eyeliner. Ever since I’ve been old enough to use makeup I’ve always used eyeliner (sometimes a little too much) to make my eyes pop. I started out of course with the traditional eye pencils and then moved onto liquid liners, I’ve only recently become a fan of felt tip liners since my favorite elf liners came out. Gel liners are great for getting a truly dark line, but not exactly portable since I prefer to use the longer brushes and they don’t fit really well in small cases. Crayons as well aren’t that portable and horrible if you live in a hotter climate, and they can’t really do a nice thin line. Also I typically only line my top line because my eyes get teary and I hate smudging! No matter what I do I can’t get my lower line to not smudge, even if I set it. So if you’re thinking about experimenting with liners or you’re fairly new to makeup, here’s my lowdown on the different types of liners from my own experience with them. These are only my opinions so you may have your own thoughts that differ from mine, and of course depending on your products you may have different experiences.

Pencil Liners:
Pros:Great for beginners, come in a variety of shades, perfect for your waterline, very inexpensive
Cons:Pointy (ow!), hard to use for filling in, constantly needs sharpening, doesn’t last very long, usually not waterproof, melt or break easily
Brands I use: Urban Decay, Maybeline, Wet’N’Wild, Nyx, NYC

Liquid Liners:
Pros:Long lasting, easier to control, usually waterproof,
Cons:Does not last long enough, fades, brush applicators can be messy, Depending on brand- can run out quickly
Brands I use: Maybeline, Revlon, L’Oreal, Wet’N’Wild, elf

Gel Liners:
Pros:Bold Colors & Lines, true to color, lasting power
Cons:Need to apply with a brush, not portable, dries out if not used regularly
Brands I use: Maybeline, WnW, L’Oreal