VS Makeup Bags & an ELF Palette (Oh and boots!)


So I rarely buy anything from Victoria’s Secret, partially because of the funky sizes and I don’t particularly like their bras. They did have a promotion that caught my eye last week. They had a set of 3 makeup bags free with purchase and of course I’ve been looking for a new makeup bag (or three), so I went ahead and made my purchase. I won’t go into specifics about what I bought (boots!), but I was expecting the package to arrive next week, it was a happy surprise when I got the notice from my Slice app that they were out for delivery.

Now about the palette, today I worked an 8 hour shift and so I had to take an hour lunch, I hate taking lunch by the way. I ended up going to Target, which was nearby and I browsed the aisles. I was hoping to purchase the Sonia Kashuk palette but it was apparently back to the full price of $19.95! When I accompanied my aunt to the Target in Albany, those same palettes were $8.99 each. I should have gotten both! So, I was not willing to spend that money on a big neutral palette, so instead I purchased the ELF Little Black Book in python. It was $6 and contained 48 shades of eyeshadow, most of which have a shimmery finish. I also bought the matching $2 brush for the heck of it.


Update!: I have to apologize if anything I wrote here sounds weird, I was literally falling asleep as I wrote this on my iPhone. It fell on my head a few times lol!