My grandmother came back from the Philippines today and I was working both jobs tomorrow and I was tired so I couldn’t go. I was surprised when I got this bracelet because I forgot all about asking about it. I had been looking for one for a long time, it’s an agsam bracelet, made of fern leaves I think. It’s a woven bracelet that you get wet, slip on your arm to fit and then when it dries it fits perfectly.


Back from Berkeley!


I love going to Berkeley to visit my family, it’s always like a mini vacation. Especially when the heat is unbearable at my house. I almost never come back empty handed either. I bring stuff too of course, sometimes it’s the usual stuff- gifts for my aunts or things we’ve bought for them. This time I brought coupon books from work, a scarf and some cooking oil. Random things I tell you. In return I got my gift bag from my aunt who recently got married (the wedding I couldn’t go to), a notebook from my aunt and a purse- loaned to me from my other aunt. Oh and some fruit but that was for my dad. In my little gift bag was a pretty blue pashmina, a pair of sunglasses and a cute wallet with a gift card. Love the pashmina, it’s so nice and soft, the color is great too. The sunglasses are awesome- I’m apparently collecting sunglasses at the moment, I have 3 in my purse right now. The wallet was cute and I always need more of those. I’m making attempts at simplifying what I carry in my wallet. It’s not working but maybe this will help. Oh and the gift card was for Old Navy so yay!