Total blog failure


I’m so bad! For awhile now I’ve managed to keep blogging everyday but ever since my schedules have been so crazy with work, and shopping for the holidays it has been so hard to keep up. I am buying stuff and I have been taking photos of everything but compiling it and getting it all together has been a total fail for me. Oh yes and I blame FarmVille 2. Damn you Zynga!


Thanksgiving? What’s that?


This might totally reveal where one of my jobs is but I’m not going to outright say it. I got my schedule for my work next week and to say it’s a little jacked up, is putting it lightly. I probably wasn’t paying that much attention because I didn’t need more hours at this job, but I was under the impression that I would be able to spend the day with my family on Thanksgiving- you know the holiday you’re suppose to spend with your family before the insanity of Black Friday and Christmas kick in. I was not expecting to be working from 5-9, one of my mandatory holiday shifts. This year we were suppose to go to San Ramon and we were all finally going to be together for Thanksgiving but alas I am going to be missing it because of work. In case you didn’t know where that is- San Ramon is about an hour and a half from where I live. Even if we ate our meal at 2 pm I’d still have to leave right after to make it home in time to start at 5. So I won’t ruin everyone else’s day I’m just not going, I want my family to have a good holiday and not rush through dinner and then driving home.

To add insult to injury I was also scheduled to work on Black Friday from 6pm to 3:30 am, then from 6:30 am to 11:30 am followed by a shift at my other job from noon to 4:30 pm. That’s not going to work. So I brought it up at work and luckily they found it unusual as well and will fix this. As well as my double booking on Tuesday. Oy, what a headache!

The fact that its not a known fact that the store will be open just annoys me. All this hoopla about Target opening at 8 and no mention of our store which has normal hours on Thanksgiving and then closes for 4 hours to reopen at midnight and will stay open for the next 24 hours!