An awesome Ikea find!


You can probably tell I’m into organizing right? I am actually very disorganized and I love finding ways to keep my things sorted. So I was just perusing the Ikea catalog one day and I though about all the boxes and bins that Ikea has- they must have something for makeup right? I mean, I’ve tried using boxes from Ikea for makeup storage, the ones I picked up last time didn’t work out so well because it hid my makeup. So lo and behold I found something! It wasn’t in Home Organization where I have thought to look but in Bathroom Storage. It’s called Godmorgen, well rather its from that line of products. You can find it here. I believe it’s designed to fit in a drawer but I’m going to leave it out on my desk. It’s clear and has perfect spots for nail polish or lipsticks and brushes! I can even rest my brushes on the angled section when they’re drying after I clean them.

As you can see in the photo there are little dividers for your nail polishes or lipsticks, they are small and the divider is removable. The little section for the brushes also swings up and there is more storage there. It would also be handy as a desk organizer I think. I’ll definitely be getting tons of use out of this!




Last weekend during the Black Friday sales Ikea had a special going on their stuffed animals. It was kinda funny seeing all these people walking around with giant stuffed bears, seals, elephants and dogs. It was too cute. Well I would have been cute too had they not run out of the awesomest stuffed animal they had- the shark! So when I was checking out today I saw they had restocked them and I made sure to grab one before they were all gone. It’s not a small shark either, it’s about 3 feet long and almost like a body pillow.