An awesome Ikea find!


You can probably tell I’m into organizing right? I am actually very disorganized and I love finding ways to keep my things sorted. So I was just perusing the Ikea catalog one day and I though about all the boxes and bins that Ikea has- they must have something for makeup right? I mean, I’ve tried using boxes from Ikea for makeup storage, the ones I picked up last time didn’t work out so well because it hid my makeup. So lo and behold I found something! It wasn’t in Home Organization where I have thought to look but in Bathroom Storage. It’s called Godmorgen, well rather its from that line of products. You can find it here. I believe it’s designed to fit in a drawer but I’m going to leave it out on my desk. It’s clear and has perfect spots for nail polish or lipsticks and brushes! I can even rest my brushes on the angled section when they’re drying after I clean them.

As you can see in the photo there are little dividers for your nail polishes or lipsticks, they are small and the divider is removable. The little section for the brushes also swings up and there is more storage there. It would also be handy as a desk organizer I think. I’ll definitely be getting tons of use out of this!


Reorganizing Again!


So my mother suggested I reorganize again because she wanted to get rid of a desk we had in the living room. So I squeezed it in the corner and expanded my makeup area. I used this opportunity to also re-organize my makeup stuff and as you can see, relabel everything.

And yes that is a roll of paper towels I have sitting on top of my organizer. I tear off a sheet and actually put my brushes and products that I’m using on it so I can easily clean off my brushes after using them.


Elizabeth Arden Day to Night Holiday Color Collection


One of the reasons I love shopping at the base exchange or BX with my mother is that I can usually score some really good deals on makeup or beauty products. For the past few years during the holidays she buys me makeup sets, usually these are the sets that- if you went to Macy’s or other department stores would be offered at a discount with purchase. This particular set would have been sold for $47.50 with any $29.50 Elizabeth Arden purchase. So you would have had to pay $77 for this and something else from EA, my mother purchased this for me for $39. Plus no tax. This is an 18 piece set which comes with a makeup case. Cases like that by themselves are usually $20-$30 so that alone makes it an awesome deal. The set consists of 2 palettes (6 shadows & 1 blush in each), 4 lipsticks, 2 glosses, 3 brushes, 2 lip liners, 2 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 1 shimmer powder trio and 1 bottle of makeup remover.

As you may have deduced from the name the items are divided into day and nighttime colors. The daytime colors as expected are more toned down neutral colors, with half the shadows with a matte finish. The lipsticks are more sheer and perfect for work or just as everyday look. I love the darker colors in the night time palette, my favorite being the teal color. This set definitely have more shimmer to them and the lipsticks have are a nice complimentary shade without being overly bright, they can be toned down if you combine them with the gloss.

I don’t recall what last year’s holiday set looked like but the palettes this year have are a different shape, for awhile they were longer with the same amount of shadows and blush but they weren’t as portable as these ones will be. The shimmer trio is a great addition, and it comes with a small retractable brush that fits on the underside of the shimmer trio container. Great idea and perfect for adding a small bit of shimmer to your face but not that great for adding color to a bigger area like your cheeks or your temples. Speaking of brushes- this kit comes with 3, a large face brush, a smaller angled brush and what I think is a blending brush. I don’t believe it’s for the shadows because the palettes have sponge tip applicators. It’s like a mid size concealer brush. I probably will stick these brushes in my travel case as backup brushes and use my own brushes. The other items in the set are standard items, eyeliners in black and brown, lip liner in a pinkish and reddish tone, and a full sized huge mascara. I’m more excited to play around with the neutral daytime palette since I’m used to the more colorful looks.

Overall this is a wonderful collection and a great bargain, it truly made my day off awesome!


Yay new stuff!


Today was my day off and I went shopping! My mom and I needed to do a little grocery shopping so we went to the commissary and the base exchange. Before we went she checked the mail and I got a nice little surprise from Influenster! I got my Cosmo Voxbox and I’ll go more into detail about those tomorrow!

So at the BX I found some discounted concealer, which is a great way to sample products you’re on the fence about, I bought one from Almay and another from Revlon. My main reason for going on this trip however was to look for the holiday makeup sets that come out around this time. I know Estée Lauder has one for $58 but that’s with purchase, and Clinique has one as well. But the set I purchased was the one from Elizabeth Arden, it comes with a cute case and a ton of makeup for $39! It’s called the Day to Night Holiday Color Collection. I’ll do a separate post on it as well. At the BX I also picked up some Goody Spin Pins, and then grabbed some of my favorite makeup remover cloths from Simple at the Commissary. Overall a very satisfying if not necessarily productive (I still have tons of laundry to do!) day off.


Basics: Eyeliners


If you asked me what my absolute favorite must have makeup item was, I’d have to say it’s eyeliner. Ever since I’ve been old enough to use makeup I’ve always used eyeliner (sometimes a little too much) to make my eyes pop. I started out of course with the traditional eye pencils and then moved onto liquid liners, I’ve only recently become a fan of felt tip liners since my favorite elf liners came out. Gel liners are great for getting a truly dark line, but not exactly portable since I prefer to use the longer brushes and they don’t fit really well in small cases. Crayons as well aren’t that portable and horrible if you live in a hotter climate, and they can’t really do a nice thin line. Also I typically only line my top line because my eyes get teary and I hate smudging! No matter what I do I can’t get my lower line to not smudge, even if I set it. So if you’re thinking about experimenting with liners or you’re fairly new to makeup, here’s my lowdown on the different types of liners from my own experience with them. These are only my opinions so you may have your own thoughts that differ from mine, and of course depending on your products you may have different experiences.

Pencil Liners:
Pros:Great for beginners, come in a variety of shades, perfect for your waterline, very inexpensive
Cons:Pointy (ow!), hard to use for filling in, constantly needs sharpening, doesn’t last very long, usually not waterproof, melt or break easily
Brands I use: Urban Decay, Maybeline, Wet’N’Wild, Nyx, NYC

Liquid Liners:
Pros:Long lasting, easier to control, usually waterproof,
Cons:Does not last long enough, fades, brush applicators can be messy, Depending on brand- can run out quickly
Brands I use: Maybeline, Revlon, L’Oreal, Wet’N’Wild, elf

Gel Liners:
Pros:Bold Colors & Lines, true to color, lasting power
Cons:Need to apply with a brush, not portable, dries out if not used regularly
Brands I use: Maybeline, WnW, L’Oreal


Basics: Primers


I once told my aunt about primers and she laughed at me, asking me exactly what kind of makeup I’m using that I would need to prime my face. I first started using primers a few years ago with my first Urban Decay Primer Potion, just for the eyes. I got the more gold Sin type, since I liked the shimmer it had. Then I tried Studio Gear’s Tinted Eyeshadow primer which was a bit more liquid. Of course there’s also Elf’s eye primer which looks so tinted I once mistook it for a concealer. When I finally started using face primers I started with Elf’s Mineral Primer and Bare Escentuals Prime Time. I liked the oily but not greasy feel of the BE primer but since I have oily skin I purchased the version for oily skin. It was more like a lotion and I wasn’t very happy with it, but I still use it. I have deluxe samples of Perfect & Poreless by Too Faced, Smashbox’s Face Primer samples, Shadow Insurance Primer by Too Faced and the Lip Insurance by Too Faced. I think the Lip Insurance is a bit much and I certainly won’t be getting mascara primer. That’s pretty much my short history with primers.

There’s more high end primers I intend on trying out but they’ll be face or shadow primers. You certainly don’t have to spend a lot of money on primers since they’re more common place now that even drug store brands offer primers. They can range from the elf liners that start at a few dollars to the prestige brands that average $30-$40. There are certainly samples out there you can try, especially for the more expensive varieties. From my own personal experience they do work. They prep your face and make products you use last longer. Eyeshadows are more vibrant and true to color when applied over primer. So I suppose what my aunt said in the beginning is true. It’s like paint primer, if you spend time cleaning and moisturizing your face, why don’t you ensure you have a nice clean surface to apply your product? It’s definitely a worth while investment.


Carried Away with Tarte


Don’t you just love really awesome gift sets? Well the Carried Away with Tarte set is a really great steal for $54, it has all you need to take off on a little adventure. With 24 eyeshadows, 8 lip glosses, mascara, blush,
soft round brush, finishing powder all in a gorgeous case! Of course in my case I’d need to add some primer, face makeup, eyeliner, a few more brushes and then I can grab it and go. What really impressed me about this whole set is the range of colors, all of the colors go well with each other, or you can just use the various quads grouped together if you’re not so good with color selection. The lip glosses range from sparkling pink to very muted nudes. The case itself is a huge bonus, the eyeshadows fit in a little pocket behind it, the side pockets can hold a lot of stuff. It’s perfect for traveling and separating your items so you can have you face makeup on one side and your lip products on the other. The quality of the makeup is very good, with buttery, pigmented shades that I can’t wait to play with. Unlike the Sephora kit I bought last time I was in Sephora I feel like this is more of what I would use (eye products) and less lip products, all in a more portable case. Get yours now and get Carried Away at Sephora


My New Makeup Area


How long do you take to get ready? As you may or may not know, I work two different retail jobs and I don’t necessarily have the most regular hours, the earliest I start is around 9 in the morning and the latest is around 6 in the evening, that could also be changing with the holidays coming around I may be working round the clock. I kind of like the frequent change, it keeps me on my toes. As a result of my ever changing schedule I am developing a routine for getting ready for work, I’m still trying to get it right but here’s how I get ready:

•I always try to wake up 2 hours before I have to be at work- factoring in where I am working (30 mins travel time for one job and 15 minutes travel time for the other)
•Half an hour to shower/brush my teeth/eat a meal
•Half an hour to apply face products and foundation
•Half an hour to do my other eye makeup & get dressed
•Half an hour to play with Jack, chase the cats and get to work

Of course that’s what I try to do everyday and in order to help keep some order in my routine I re-arranged my room so I could keep my makeup organized on 1/3 of my large desk. All my makeup is sorted out and I just put everything in front of me on a folded up paper towel. Then as I finish with it, I try to put it away so the mess doesn’t add up. The paper towel is also very useful for cleaning off my brushes as I finish with them. So far, it’s been great, the only thing I have to maybe work on is adjusting the lighting I use or perhaps getting a better mirror.


Wet’N’Wild $.69 Picks


I had to stop into Walgreens after work one day and I happened to notice that they had some Wet’n’Wild products on sale, so I grabbed a few basics I needed and two lipsticks I wanted to try. I normally don’t wear lipstick, preferring Chapstick or lip gloss to lipstick. I just hate having to touch up makeup and I don’t want to spend too much money on a product I don’t use very often. So this was a way to give it a shot. I bought two lipsticks in the shades Cashmere & Java, an eyebrow/eyeliner pencil in Taupe, and 2 lip liners in Willow & Chestnut. Cashmere was a light brown color and Java was a rich, dark brown. I was very happy with the consistency, i didn’t try them with the lip liners so it was very slippery feeling. It probably would have been better with the lip liners. Unfortunately the colors did nothing for me, either being too dark or light. I may just have to give them away. The liners worked out much better for me, I will definitely get more use from them. All in all- the $.69 items were a great deal and I’ll be getting more liners if/when I go back to Walgreens.


Review: Sephora Colordaze Blockbuster Kit


So a little info about this kit from Sephora, it consists of:
•64 Eyeshadows (22 Neutral Shades & 42 Colorful shades)
•12 Cream Eyeliners
•6 Eye Top Coats
•3-in-1 Luminizers
•48 Lip Glosses
•6 Lip Top Coats
•6 3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek Creams
•3 Blushes
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