NYC Individual Eyes Palettes


Everyday go to is Union Square, new fave is Midtown Mauve, least fave is Smokey Browns

This is my new everyday palette. One day I was just browsing the makeup at Wal-Mart and came upon these palettes from NYC. Of course every brand seems to have these types of palettes which you choose based upon your eye color. I normally rebel against them and get whatever color I want since the last time I chose a palette according to my eye color I got this horrible one from Covergirl which had blues and grays. Not my colors personally. I decided to give this a fair shot and it was very affordable at around $3 each. I purchased the two they had- Union Square (with a dark mauve and shimmery brown) and Smokey Brown (with grays and a sparkling black), I tried the Smokey Brown palette first and found it lacking since all the colors seemed so similar. The next day when I was getting ready for work I decided to use the Union Square palette. In case you can’t tell from the photos- there are 4 shades in each of these palettes, with at least one matte shade, also included is an illuminizer and a primer. I applied these according to the instructions and I like them. I prefer wearing the darker two colors though, the shimmery brown all over my eyelid and then I use the darkest shade in the crease. I added my eyeliner, mascara and out the door to work I went. It wasn’t until I was actually outside did I realize how great the colors worked for me. It wasn’t over the top like my wild colors are but it certainly looked great. The latest palette came out recently and it’s the Midtown Mauve palette. It had a more shimmery dark mauve color and pinks instead of the usual browns. I’ve been using both palettes now, alternating or sometimes including more dramatic colors for a little pop. The colors were very complimentary to my skin and eye color, with the exception of the smokey palette which was way too blah. I like that it comes with it’s own eye primer, it doesn’t have a thick consistency but used sparingly it does a great job. I rarely use the Illumnizer but if you can manage to put some in the inner corner of you eyes, it works real well. I usually skip it since I never have time. I wish there was a separate cover over the illuminizer since one of mine is now covered in powder. Speaking of- I’ve heard complains from other reviewers on the chalkiness of the eye shadows. And it’s true, some of them are quite chalky so it can get messy. But it’s a small drawback, the best colors are very pigmented and smooth.