Girl’s Night & Haul


So it’s been a crazy new year thus far and I haven’t had a chance to hang out with my buddy Lindsey so I invited her out tonight since I had 2 straight days off! Since Lindsey had to work I picked her up at work and we headed over to Elephant Bar. I’ve never been, but the menu looked decent. Lindsey had the Teriyaki Chicken and I had the Kona BBQ combo which had ribs and chicken. I have to say it was pretty delicious and very affordable. I was shocked when Lindsey said she’d never had Creme Brullee so we had to split one of those for dessert.

After dinner we went to Sunrise Mall, we always do the same thing but I always manage to get lost. We parked over by JC Penney’s because Sunrise doesn’t have an actual Sephora in the store so we had to settle for the one at JC Penney’s. We browsed for a bit and unfortunately the lady that helped us last time who was so awesome wasn’t working and we didn’t really get any help. I was going to try some foundations but the lack of service was a bit off putting so I just bought more of the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. Lindsey purchased more mascara since that’s her favorite makeup item.

After that I had to stop at Bath & Body Works to pick up some of those little anti bacterial mini things for my brother. They were on sale 5 for $5, and I picked up one of the new Sweetheart Scents Sprays for $8 (Regular Price $12!). We had alot better service here from Chris and Dani. They’re definitely getting a survey from both Lindsey and I.

The last stop of the day was Victoria’s Secret. Now I rarely buy any clothes from Victoria’s Secret, if I do I get their pajamas or their sweaters but I do love their fragrances and I wanted to try some of their makeup. I was hoping they’d have some in their store and luckily they did. They were having a sale so I picked up a few of their makeup items to try, 2 of their body sprays, a setting spray and a little combo pack. Plus I received a trio of makeup bags for free!


Girl’s Day Out mini haul!


Today was a day off and so I made plans with my friend Lindsey to have lunch and do a little shopping! First off I have a pic of my eye makeup today, it looks more blue in the photo but its actually purple. It’s so funny that purple is not actually my favorite color but I had purple eye makeup, purple nails and a purple shirt & hoodie on. My eye makeup was all from Urban Decay.

We started our day out with some Chinese food for lunch and then headed straight for the mall. We browsed around Macy’s for a bit and I was color matched at Clinique for the Stay-Matte foundation. I think I grabbed the wrong color when I purchased it and I was proven right. The girl at the counter gave me samples of both my shades. So I’m going to be returning the wrong shade when I get the chance. We then headed to See’s where we picked up some snacks, browsed in Bath & Body Works, and then into JC Penney’s where they had a Sephora. Lindsey received her birthday gift which unfortunately was just changed. Now they have a mascara set from Buxom for 2013. She was really hoping to get the Fresh mini lip set, but they had run out of those. They were also out of the Too Faced Lashgasm that she was hoping to pick up. Meanwhile I was color matched for the Urban Decay Naked Foundation and Pam- the consultant which helped me, told me I was wearing foundation which was a shade too dark! I guess I was over compensating for the redness in my skin my making everything dark! Shocker! Part of my problem as well was that I had been using foundation to cover up these red bumps that I had developed on my skin which were actually not there anymore. So she color matched me and sent me off with a sample of the Urban Decay foundation in 5.0, then I asked Pam to help Lindsey find a new lip gloss that would give her some color and plump up her lips. She eventually purchased one from Buxom after testing it out. She’s so shy about asking for samples. Considering they’re suppose to be helping, I gave her that little push. That’s why you go to Sephora instead of just buying things blindly at the drug store. I was a tad disappointed that they were out of the Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray, but I ended up purchasing a mini from Makeup Forever.

After leaving the mall we stopped by Ulta to see if they had anything interesting. I purchased a makeup palette on clearance from the Ulta line. She bought a mini palette from Nyx. After Ulta we were going to stop by Target but I got annoyed by the parking lot and we stopped by Walgreens instead where I bought 2 Jordana eye pencils.

Overall it was an exhausting but satisfying bout of retail therapy!


Carried Away with Tarte


Don’t you just love really awesome gift sets? Well the Carried Away with Tarte set is a really great steal for $54, it has all you need to take off on a little adventure. With 24 eyeshadows, 8 lip glosses, mascara, blush,
soft round brush, finishing powder all in a gorgeous case! Of course in my case I’d need to add some primer, face makeup, eyeliner, a few more brushes and then I can grab it and go. What really impressed me about this whole set is the range of colors, all of the colors go well with each other, or you can just use the various quads grouped together if you’re not so good with color selection. The lip glosses range from sparkling pink to very muted nudes. The case itself is a huge bonus, the eyeshadows fit in a little pocket behind it, the side pockets can hold a lot of stuff. It’s perfect for traveling and separating your items so you can have you face makeup on one side and your lip products on the other. The quality of the makeup is very good, with buttery, pigmented shades that I can’t wait to play with. Unlike the Sephora kit I bought last time I was in Sephora I feel like this is more of what I would use (eye products) and less lip products, all in a more portable case. Get yours now and get Carried Away at Sephora


Chipotle & Retail Therapy


So life is going to start to get crazy soon, well it actually already is for me and some of my friends. In order to relax and have a little fun, my friend Lindsey and I decided to partake in some retail therapy and get some dinner after work today. Well, I worked, she didn’t. We actually both work together at one of my jobs. It would have been a lot nicer if it wasn’t so rainy but we grabbed a quick bite at Chipotle and then headed to Macy’s at Sunrise Mall. She had to do some Christmas shopping for her gran and her mother, who are in England where she’s originally from. She picked up a cute wallet and some awesome gift sets. I spied a cute black sparkly makeup bag on clearance and had to buy it. I’m not a huge Macy’s shopper but I can never resist clearance!

From Macy’s we headed over to JC Penney’s because I wanted to pop into the Sephora. I was looking for the ‘Best of’ gift set or something like that, not for Christmas but as a reward for myself lol. We browsed around and tried things out, I settled for a few small things and one big thing I’ll be showing you tomorrow. So, I purchased-

*Too Faces Beauty Editor Darlings
*Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

I got for free-
*Philosophy Hope in a Jar Deluxe Sample (100 Beauty Insider Points)
*Nars Orgasm Illuminator Deluxe Sample
*Fresh Sugar Lips Mini Duo (BDay Gift)
*Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
*Sephora Hydrating Powder Blush in Rose Petal

I have so far used the powder blush and I loved it. The Smashbox primer is my new favorite primer and each sample packet is actually good for 2-3 applications. I used the mascara from the Too Faced set and it had a nice skinny applicator that didn’t make my lashes clump up. My favorite thing here so far is the Fresh Sugar Lips Mini duo. I am so loving this cute set, the lip glosses are so smooth and they have no flavor but a nice sweet scent. It’s not sugary at all, but it is yummy! I am definitely going to be buying more of this brand!


Review: Sephora Colordaze Blockbuster Kit


So a little info about this kit from Sephora, it consists of:
•64 Eyeshadows (22 Neutral Shades & 42 Colorful shades)
•12 Cream Eyeliners
•6 Eye Top Coats
•3-in-1 Luminizers
•48 Lip Glosses
•6 Lip Top Coats
•6 3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek Creams
•3 Blushes
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Surprise Shopping


So I had no real plans for my day off but to sleep in, maybe attempt to go to Berkeley, get some grocery shopping done and laundry. So I definitely slept in and had a nice breakfast with my family, then we lounged around and mom wanted to do some Christmas shopping for her family in the Philippines. She does this every year, looking for deals on shoes, candy and clothes that she sends them, I typically shop with her and sometimes she buys me things too!
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