Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Lipsticks


Swatches from left to right- Sugar Plum Fairy, Stoplight Red, Cherry Picking, Wine Room, Mocha-licious, and Cinnamon Spice

So I just found a CVS Drug Store that’s relatively close to my house and it had the best stocked makeup section I’ve seen! The majority of their items were well stocked and the displayed looked nice, and best of all- the products were not opened or destroyed. I don’t know about you, but when I shop at Walmart, Target or any of the other drug stores I’m always having to check the products I buy to make sure they’re not tampered with. Who’s gonna buy something that everyone has touched? I’m certainly not and its ridiculous that people do this. Anyways, I’m off topic.

So the day my mom and I went to this CVS I purchased a few items I’ve had my eye on and I found these lipsticks from Wet’n’Wild. They’re not new but they’re new to me because I’m just getting into the habit of using lip products beyond lip balms. I only purchased the shade Sugar Plum Fairy and I loved it. It was very pigmented with a more matte finish. And it looked good on me. Most importantly- the price. This awesome lipstick was only $1.99! I went back a couple of days later and bought 5 more, and with the buy one, get one 50% off, I saved more money. The Sugar Plum Fairy is still my favorite shade, the two on the right end were my least favorite but they’re still good. The odd thing I noticed was that one if the shades seemed a bit different than all the rest. The Stoplight Red shade seemed to have a glossier feel than the others. Maybe it’s just me.


Product love! My favorite wallets


One of the best things you can do to keep your purse organized is to have a smaller wallet. My current favorite wallet is this Xhilaration brand wallet that was actually given to me as a birthday gift in September by my aunt. She gave me the light blue one with the peace sign and the black one with the owl, to my mother. I’ve since purchase another with no design but an extra zip pocket on the outside and traded it to my mom for the black owl one. These can carry up to six cards with an additional pocket for receipts and a few other cards. They also have a zip pocket on the inside for coins. An extra bonus for me is that they’re big enough to hold my phone. So if I’m going on a quick errand or I don’t want to carry my purse. I can just grab this and go. I love these things so much that I need to stock up on them while I can and these seem to be the only kind that I really love. So if you’re looking for some stocking stuffers or holiday gifts, consider these for sure!


New makeup I forgot I had! Plus some I just bought!


You know you have a makeup addiction when you forget about a recently purchased new product. I was racking my brain while I was taking pictures just a few minutes ago about my new Covergirl liner pencils when I realized I took pictures of my recent purchases from the other day but never blogged about them. It was earlier this week when I went on a quick Wal-Mart run with my brother and I picked up a few things:
-2 Covergirl eyeliner pencils in blue & purple
-Revlon Creme Shadow Quad
-Goody Mini spin pins
-Maybelline Fiber Lash Mascara
-NYC makeup palette for brown eyes

Today at Target I picked up:
-elf cream liner in black
-Revlon Custom Eyes palette in Pop Colors

Maybe my mother was right when she asked me today if I had enough makeup. I could never have enough but still, it makes you wonder.

My favorite of this whole set is of course the Covergirl eyeliner pencils. They reminds me of my jumbo pencils in consistency but of course with thinner lines. The blue in particular is more of a shimmery blue while the purple is more of a matte. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the elf cream liner, but when I first swatched it, it was very light. I guess I just had to press a little harder. It was very black and didn’t smudge easily, in fact my hand went a little red while I tried to take it off lol. I’d say that’s good quality since I’d never rub my eyes that hard.

I bought the mini spin pins after realizing my hair is a bit too short for the regular sized pins. They’ll come in handy though since I am trying to grow my hair out. These work great for half up hair styles.

I have yet to use the Revlon Cream Shadow Quad but the consistency was good. I imagine these will make a great base. I have been using the NYC palette and it makes for a great daytime look. I didn’t think so at first but I’ve used it once this week and the combo is perfect for work. It’s not overly colorful and the brown and purple work well together. As for the Revlon Custom Eyes palette it’s a bit too bright for work at the 1st job but I could use it for my 2nd job. I’m allowed to be a little bit more colorful there.

Now for the Maybelline Fiber Lash Mascara- I’m still not sold on this. While I have been using it almost everyday now I’m still not 100% sold on this. Not that I expected it to work wonders but it doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. I’m gonna give it a few more days before I resort to trying false lashes again.


An awesome Ikea find!


You can probably tell I’m into organizing right? I am actually very disorganized and I love finding ways to keep my things sorted. So I was just perusing the Ikea catalog one day and I though about all the boxes and bins that Ikea has- they must have something for makeup right? I mean, I’ve tried using boxes from Ikea for makeup storage, the ones I picked up last time didn’t work out so well because it hid my makeup. So lo and behold I found something! It wasn’t in Home Organization where I have thought to look but in Bathroom Storage. It’s called Godmorgen, well rather its from that line of products. You can find it here. I believe it’s designed to fit in a drawer but I’m going to leave it out on my desk. It’s clear and has perfect spots for nail polish or lipsticks and brushes! I can even rest my brushes on the angled section when they’re drying after I clean them.

As you can see in the photo there are little dividers for your nail polishes or lipsticks, they are small and the divider is removable. The little section for the brushes also swings up and there is more storage there. It would also be handy as a desk organizer I think. I’ll definitely be getting tons of use out of this!


Elizabeth Arden Day to Night Holiday Color Collection


One of the reasons I love shopping at the base exchange or BX with my mother is that I can usually score some really good deals on makeup or beauty products. For the past few years during the holidays she buys me makeup sets, usually these are the sets that- if you went to Macy’s or other department stores would be offered at a discount with purchase. This particular set would have been sold for $47.50 with any $29.50 Elizabeth Arden purchase. So you would have had to pay $77 for this and something else from EA, my mother purchased this for me for $39. Plus no tax. This is an 18 piece set which comes with a makeup case. Cases like that by themselves are usually $20-$30 so that alone makes it an awesome deal. The set consists of 2 palettes (6 shadows & 1 blush in each), 4 lipsticks, 2 glosses, 3 brushes, 2 lip liners, 2 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 1 shimmer powder trio and 1 bottle of makeup remover.

As you may have deduced from the name the items are divided into day and nighttime colors. The daytime colors as expected are more toned down neutral colors, with half the shadows with a matte finish. The lipsticks are more sheer and perfect for work or just as everyday look. I love the darker colors in the night time palette, my favorite being the teal color. This set definitely have more shimmer to them and the lipsticks have are a nice complimentary shade without being overly bright, they can be toned down if you combine them with the gloss.

I don’t recall what last year’s holiday set looked like but the palettes this year have are a different shape, for awhile they were longer with the same amount of shadows and blush but they weren’t as portable as these ones will be. The shimmer trio is a great addition, and it comes with a small retractable brush that fits on the underside of the shimmer trio container. Great idea and perfect for adding a small bit of shimmer to your face but not that great for adding color to a bigger area like your cheeks or your temples. Speaking of brushes- this kit comes with 3, a large face brush, a smaller angled brush and what I think is a blending brush. I don’t believe it’s for the shadows because the palettes have sponge tip applicators. It’s like a mid size concealer brush. I probably will stick these brushes in my travel case as backup brushes and use my own brushes. The other items in the set are standard items, eyeliners in black and brown, lip liner in a pinkish and reddish tone, and a full sized huge mascara. I’m more excited to play around with the neutral daytime palette since I’m used to the more colorful looks.

Overall this is a wonderful collection and a great bargain, it truly made my day off awesome!


Yay new stuff!


Today was my day off and I went shopping! My mom and I needed to do a little grocery shopping so we went to the commissary and the base exchange. Before we went she checked the mail and I got a nice little surprise from Influenster! I got my Cosmo Voxbox and I’ll go more into detail about those tomorrow!

So at the BX I found some discounted concealer, which is a great way to sample products you’re on the fence about, I bought one from Almay and another from Revlon. My main reason for going on this trip however was to look for the holiday makeup sets that come out around this time. I know Estée Lauder has one for $58 but that’s with purchase, and Clinique has one as well. But the set I purchased was the one from Elizabeth Arden, it comes with a cute case and a ton of makeup for $39! It’s called the Day to Night Holiday Color Collection. I’ll do a separate post on it as well. At the BX I also picked up some Goody Spin Pins, and then grabbed some of my favorite makeup remover cloths from Simple at the Commissary. Overall a very satisfying if not necessarily productive (I still have tons of laundry to do!) day off.


Old Navy Stuff & Save plus Pop Pants


I’ve done some interesting shopping today. I’ve purchased my first pair of super skinny jeans. And it’s a bit scary. I’m not what you’d call a skinny jeans kinda girl, thanks in part to my huge calves but I love the feel of the super skinny pop jeans from Old Navy and they were on sale so I bought my first pair. I didn’t go too crazy mind you because I don’t like the corduroy ones, or the dot ones, or the brightly colored ones so I stayed pretty tame by just getting the denim version. I plan on wearing them with my adoraboots, also from Old Navy. While at the store I also purchased the cute Santa’s Little Helper long sleeve shirt. I won’t be wearing it all together but they’re cute pieces. Now I’ve got to summon up the courage to wear the skinny jeans outside lol!


Sometimes, patience does pay off!


Have you ever been browsing through a store, trying samples of this and that? Well every time I go to the Base Exchange with my mom, I always spritz a bit of Victoria’s Secret Angel, it always seems to floral and pretty. I always tell myself that I’m gonna order it online from VS as soon as I get home. When I do get home I look at the price ($45!) and decide not to do it. I was actually looking at my VS coupon book and thinking of ordering it in December because that’s when their coupon is valid. Well, someone must have heard my wish because the Victoria’s Secret fragrances are now on sale for $30! Both the 1.0 oz and the 2.5 oz are the same price! Then I also have a $20 rewards card, so with shipping and tax then minus my gift card- I paid only $20!

I also got a secret rewards card but that usually only gives me $10, always has and probably always will, I may just use it for perfume in December but this totally made my day!


Chipotle & Retail Therapy


So life is going to start to get crazy soon, well it actually already is for me and some of my friends. In order to relax and have a little fun, my friend Lindsey and I decided to partake in some retail therapy and get some dinner after work today. Well, I worked, she didn’t. We actually both work together at one of my jobs. It would have been a lot nicer if it wasn’t so rainy but we grabbed a quick bite at Chipotle and then headed to Macy’s at Sunrise Mall. She had to do some Christmas shopping for her gran and her mother, who are in England where she’s originally from. She picked up a cute wallet and some awesome gift sets. I spied a cute black sparkly makeup bag on clearance and had to buy it. I’m not a huge Macy’s shopper but I can never resist clearance!

From Macy’s we headed over to JC Penney’s because I wanted to pop into the Sephora. I was looking for the ‘Best of’ gift set or something like that, not for Christmas but as a reward for myself lol. We browsed around and tried things out, I settled for a few small things and one big thing I’ll be showing you tomorrow. So, I purchased-

*Too Faces Beauty Editor Darlings
*Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

I got for free-
*Philosophy Hope in a Jar Deluxe Sample (100 Beauty Insider Points)
*Nars Orgasm Illuminator Deluxe Sample
*Fresh Sugar Lips Mini Duo (BDay Gift)
*Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
*Sephora Hydrating Powder Blush in Rose Petal

I have so far used the powder blush and I loved it. The Smashbox primer is my new favorite primer and each sample packet is actually good for 2-3 applications. I used the mascara from the Too Faced set and it had a nice skinny applicator that didn’t make my lashes clump up. My favorite thing here so far is the Fresh Sugar Lips Mini duo. I am so loving this cute set, the lip glosses are so smooth and they have no flavor but a nice sweet scent. It’s not sugary at all, but it is yummy! I am definitely going to be buying more of this brand!


Black Friday Doom!


It’s all over the news right now that Black Friday has morphed into Black Thursday. It’s a fact that all the stores are releasing their upcoming Black Friday ads and most of them are actually opening their doors on Thursday night. That would have been insane years ago, and only one or two stores would have participated. We used to actually respect the fact that it was a day off, a whole day off to spend with your loved ones (or ones you mildy tolerate) while drinking and stuffing yourself with yummy food! While one of my jobs is not really into the Black Friday thing- the other place I work at- is. I’m actually looking forward to the event, because it starts at midnight and runs they have specials every few hours. To be honest I won’t mind working overnight because I’m a crazy night person. So long as I have enough time to spend with my family and I don’t have to be back on Thursday evening I think I’ll be alright. Now we just have to wait until this Thursday to see whether or not my Thanksgiving day meal will be cut short.